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Autumn Brown Sandstone – Hand Dressed Edge – Mixed Size Patio Packs

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Product Information

Product Information

Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving – Hand Dressed Edge – Mixed Size Patio Packs

With its rich brown tones, Autumn Brown Indian Sandstone is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your garden.

Autumn brown sandstone is a deep, dark and rich coloured sandstone that offers a traditional look and feel.

Our sandstone is made of natural materials, so you can be sure that it will last for years. It’s also finished by hand, so you know that every slab is unique and of the highest quality.

The stone is a sedimentary stone, which consists of small grains which are held together by a silicon ‘natural cement’. It’s this ‘cement’ that gives the sandstone is wide ranging variations in colour and texture.

Natural Indian sandstone paving slabs that have a wonderful riven effect on the surface.

As with all natural materials, our Paving supply may be subject to minor chipping, this is not to considered to be a fault or defect.

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

There is a single delivery charge per pallet regardless of how full the boxes are, so the most economical way to purchase your slabs is to buy full boxes. However, we’re always happy to split them down to precise amounts.

One pallet can accommodate up to 18m2 of Sandstone paving.  Delivery cost breakdown below:

  • 0m2 – 18m2 = 1 x Delivery Charge
  • 18.1m2 – 36m2 = 2 x Delivery Charges
  • 36.1m2 – 54m2 = 3 x Delivery Charges

Delivery charges will increase incrementally based on the m2 coverage ordered.


Delivery Charges:

Delivery will occur within 7 working days of order.*

Zone 1 delivery charge – £35

Zone 2 delivery charge – £54

To see more information on delivery, zones and charges click here.


Failed Deliveries

In the unlikely event that we’re unable to complete the scheduled delivery due to access restrictions or a non-secure delivery location (front garden / driveway), you may have the option for redelivery subject to customer approval and additional delivery charges. If the delivery can’t be rescheduled, then no refund is available.

To avoid any delivery issues to a secure location at the front of the property, we strongly advise someone being present to receive the delivery, otherwise additional charges may apply, as explained above.

Deliveries will only be made to the address selected for shipping at the point of order, and cannot be changed on receipt of the delivery, otherwise additional charges may apply.

For any orders that are returned (unless deemed faulty), the customer is liable for the return shipping fees equivalent to that incurred in the original order, plus a 15% charge of the initial order value, for restocking.

Returns will only be accepted in full, partial orders will be declined.

As a natural product, there is a 10% breakage tolerance on all orders before being eligible for return.



  • Size: The slabs are a mix of four different sizes – 90 x 60cm, 60 x 60cm, 60 x 29cm, 29 x 29cm
  • Edges: The edges are all hand-dressed. This makes for edges that have a classic feel, but still sit nicely side-by-side.
  • Surface Finish: The surface has a riven effect for a more traditional look.
  • Thickness: These slabs are all calibrated to 22mm thick. This means they are much easier to lay whilst keeping level.
  • Colour Palette: A strong blend of browns & greys, with more subtle shades of dark purple & green appearing. Also referred to as Autumn Bronze Multi (ABM), Autumn Blend or Autumn Gold.

Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving FAQs

Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving FAQs

What is a Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving, Mixed Size Patio Pack?

Typically, paving slabs are sold in packs, pre-defined by a specified meter coverage – E.G 18m2

Mixed Size Patio Packs contain a mixture of four different size slabs within a pack, making up the overall stipulated meter coverage.

We pack a well-balanced mix of all slab sizes, ready for you to easily install at your convenience, creating many beautiful patterns.

What area does a Autumn Brown Sandstone, Mixed Patio Pack cover?

Our Mixed Size Patio Packs are available in increments of 5m2, allowing you to choose the appropriate pack size for your project without incurring  excess wastage.

A full patio pack of Sandstone will cover an area 18m2

Mixed Size Patio Packs are available as follows:

18m2 ( = 1 full pallet volume)

Regardless of pack size, you will get a fantastic assortment of different size paving slabs.

What is Autumn Brown Sandstone Paving?

Autumn Brown often takes a back-seat to the ever popular Raj Green sandstone. However, they come from the same mines, so are very similar. If you are looking for a deeper, richer colour than Raj Green, then Autumn Brown may be the one for you.

Sandstone Paving Benefits

Sandstone is a fantastic, natural and time-resistant material that is easily the most popular natural stone choice for all paving projects.

Sandstone paving is versatile, durable, and easy to install. Their porous nature makes it easy for water to percolate, meaning they don’t hold large volumes of water.

In addition to there distinctive style, Sandstone paving can withstand wet weather and time and still maintain their classic look.

Where to use Sandstone Paving

You can use Sandstone paving to mimic the look of desert and beach sand, reds, tans, and browns. The use of multi-coloured stones is another great way of adding a decorative touch to any outdoor space. Popular applications include, pathways, courtyard, patio, driveway, pool areas, verandas and stair stones.

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