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Career Benefits

Recognising and rewarding our employees is important to us, which is why our benefits are designed with staff in mind,  not to mention our continued investment in training and development to ensure you enjoy a prosperous and satisfactory career.

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Diverse Job Roles

Benefits Package

Learning & Development

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Career Benefits

We understand that our employees are the single most valuable asset that the business possess, which is why we continue to invest our time, efforts and finances in ensuring they’re appropriately rewarded for their contribution.

Each and every employee is unique and what aspires to one, may differ to another, which is why we offer tailored benefits packages to suit individuals.

Whether it be financial, educational, supportive or other, our diverse benefit schemes offer something for everyone.

Benefits Include:

Pension Scheme

Flexible Working

Private Healthcare

Career Progression

External Recreation Discounts

Equality & Diversity

Learning & Development

To aid the development of our staff, we provide access to various training courses and support that allows employees to enhance their skillsets in various disciplines and achieve their career aspirations.

Mark Swan

Concrete Director

Having been employed in the industry for a long time, I have witnessed the growth of the Mick George Group from a distance and wanted to be part of it. Since joining, I can see why they've continued to expand and how the team ethos is a key part of that.

Emma Craven

Sales Team Leader

Since being employed by the Mick George Group, I've been tasked with various roles prior to the one that I currently occupy. The business has been very accommodating and supportive in developing my skillsets to fulfil the career I wish to achieve long term.

Jessica Bull

Skip Sales Coordinator

Formerly employed by a competitor in the same industry as the Mick George Group, i've been able to experience how different companies operate in similar market conditions and can certainly clarify that the professionalism, atmosphere and environment is far better at the Mick George Group.

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