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Concrete Applications and Mixes

Whatever your project, we have the perfect Concrete Applications and Mix. From standard designated Concrete to specialist high-performance Concrete, The Mick George Group supply it all.

Concrete Applications and Mixes

Concrete broadly falls into four categories: standard prescribed concrete (SPC), designated concrete, designed concrete and proprietary concrete. There are also different types of concrete grades, which are all visible below.

The project for which you require Concrete, will largely determine the type of Concrete application and mix that you need, as well as the different slump configurations most suitable.

  • Standardised prescribed concrete: ST1 | ST2 | ST3 | ST4 | ST5
  • Designated concretes
  • General concrete: GEN0 | GEN1 | GEN2 | GEN3
  • Reinforced concrete: RC20/25 | RC23/30 | RC28/35 | RC32/40 | RC35/45 | RC40/50
  • Paving concrete: PAV1 | PAV2
  • Foundation concrete: FND2 | FND3 | FND4
  • Proprietary Concrete

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