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Phenols are a waste product of industrial processes that are introduced into aquatic ecosystems.


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Phenol is a waste product of industrial processes that are commonly released in to the air and aquatic ecosystems as a result of manufacturing processes.

The largest single use of phenol is as an intermediate in the production of phenolic resins, which are low-cost, versatile, thermoset resins used in the plywood adhesive, construction, automotive, and appliance industries. It is also used as an intermediate in the production of caprolactam, which is used to make nylon and other synthetic fibres, and bisphenol A, for creating epoxy and other resins.


Phenol Contaminated Waste Disposal

The very nature and practicality Phenol products means that they are frequently located within brownfield sites considered for construction development.

Besides the major health implications that are associated with Phenol waste, there are clear issues surrounding land contamination that need to be resolved before any Construction takes place.

In soil, Phenol will generally biodegrade rapidly; however, biodegradation of Phenol in water or soil may be hindered or precluded by the presence of high, toxic concentrations of phenol or other chemicals, or by other factors such as a lack of nutrients or microorganisms capable of degrading phenol.


Phenol Remediation

Phenol and phenol-contaminated materials are classified as hazardous waste and should be disposed of accordingly.

Mick George Environmental has the facilities and expertise to handle a wide variety of non-hazardous and hazardous contamination types including, Asbestos, Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals, VOCs, Chlorinated Solvents, Phenols, NAPL, Invasive Plants and more

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On behalf of the College’s Head of Estates and I, we would like to state how extremely pleased we both are with how the Environmental works have been managed.

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The efficient service and endeavour to go beyond the original scope of works has meant that the Environmental works have been conducted smoothly from start to finish. Thanks to all your team for their professionalism and friendliness.

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