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Sika Watertight – Waterproof Concrete

Mick George Concrete are able to provide comprehensive watertight solutions for a wide range of projects and structures courtesy of its Sika admixture applications.


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Sika Watertight

Sika is the market leader in Concrete admixture technology, now the most widely used system of its type in the UK.

Combining this with our concrete expertise means that Mick George Concrete are able to provide comprehensive waterproof Concrete solutions for a wide range of projects and structures.

A two-step process is used to achieve a waterproof concrete:

Step 1: Reduce the water cement ratio, increasing the density of the mix and minimising the size of the pores whilst producing a highly workable concrete to aid placement and compaction.

Step 2: Block the remaining capillary pores ensuring a complete watertight finish.

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Example of waterproof concrete in action

Sika Applications

Sika® Watertight Concrete complies with BS 8102:2009 Type B Construction.

  • Basements
  • Lift Pits
  • Retaining walls
  • Concrete façades
  • As well as for keeping water in, for example: swimming pools
Sika Concrete plant

Sika Watertight

The system consists of concrete that has been specially modified with Sika admixtures to produce watertight concrete; and carefully selected waterstops for construction and movement joints. Watertight concrete structures can be designed to keep water in or out, or both making the perfect waterproof Concrete solution for a whole range of projects.

The need to maximise design flexibility has led owner and designer to look below ground as an alternative, whether for basement parking or a habitable environment.

Sika Benefits

The advantages of the Sika® Watertight Concrete System are clear:

  • Time saved at design and construction stages: The need for external membranes with their complex detailing and installation is eliminated.
  • Cost effective in comparison with membranes and other systems. Delivers maximum usable area to the occupier.
  • Quality backed by Sika warranty, BBA certificate and a 60 years track record.
  • Peace of mind for the client, specifier, contractor and end user of the building – 15 year warranty.
See Sika Watertight in Action See Sika Watertight in Action


Due to its capillaries and pores, concrete is a naturally-porous material. The Sika® Watertight Concrete System incorporates a range of admixtures to improve its resistance to infiltration; effectively sealing the concrete permanently against the penetration of water and other liquid – creating a waterproof Concrete, while creating the optimum water/cement ratio.

Sika® WT-100 watertight concrete powder

A combined water-resisting and HRWR/Superplasticiser admixture.

Sika® WT-200 P

A combined crystalline waterproofing concrete and HRWR/Superplasticiser admixture.

- Sika® 1+

A liquid water-resisting waterproofing admixture.

- SikaPlast® / Sika ViscoCrete®

Mid and high range water reducing admixtures which decrease the volume of capillary pores and improve rheology and consistency.


The Sika® Watertight Concrete System also includes a range of complimentary jointing products to effectively seal construction joints and complete watertight structures:


a range of hydrophilic profiles and gun applied sealants, designed for the sealing and waterproofing of construction joints and penetrations (e.g. pipe entries).

Sikadur® Combiflex SG

High performance, over-banding sealing tape system for post-sealing and waterproofing of construction and movement joints.

Sika® Waterbar

Internal or external applied waterstops based on PVC, TPO or galvanised steel for construction and movement joints.


Injection hoses for construction joints that can be used for sealing by injection and re-injection in the event of future movement.

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Hawkes and Mick George have built a great working relationship, with the company always doing their best to fulfil our order requirements. Their huge fleet of vehicles can handle any sized project. We're hoping to work together for many more years to come!

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Always a pleasure dealing with the Mick George Group. Always go the extra mile to make sure we get the service we order on time and at the best rates. All our managers and site support staff really appreciate the prompt and efficient service we get from Mick George Concrete.

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The Mick George Group have supplied our Aggregates, Concrete and Skip hire for many years. There service is fantastic and has always been without problem. We Would definitely recommend their services to others.

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