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Future Carbon Reduction Initiatives


Over the next five years the Mick George Group plan to implement further measures which will continue to drive down emissions.

We are considering several initiatives, with those listed below just some examples of areas we are focussing on.

These initiatives will be implemented to ensure that as a business, we stay on track to achieve our overall goal of becoming Net Zero by 2050.

Business Travel

  • Employees to use rail travel for long distance domestic travel
  • Sign up to localised car share scheme to help reduce commuting miles
  • Introduce a cycle to work programme for our employees across all sites

Fleet & Plant Utilisation

  • Use advance technologies to make our fleet more efficient and reduce empty miles through route optimisation and improved planning
  • Introduce more fuel efficient or alternatively fuelled company vehicles such as electric vehicles
  • Train drivers in EcoDriving techniques to save fuel and reduce emissions
  • Develop effective systems to monitor idle times, and ensure trucks and machines are not operational during these times

Procurement & Energy Management

  • Ensure sustainability is encouraged right through our supply chain. Monitor top 200 supplier emissions annually
  • Remove all single use plastics from our operations
  • Purchase recycled paper up until 2035 when we move to a fully paperless business model
  • Encourage over 50% of our IT equipment purchases to come from recycled equipment
  • 100% of our energy supplies to come from renewable energy sources
  • Implement temperature controls, ensuring heating and air conditioning is timed correctly and according to outside air temperatures
  • Ongoing optimisation of building energy use and ensuring longer term strategies for building heating decarbonisation
  • Utilising renewable energy sources in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council

Waste Management

  • Continuous development of our Zero to Landfill commitment, with a move to 100% landfill diversion by 2028
  • Divert more of the waste material we collect and recover from our clients, to be used as fuel for cement and energy production.

Environmentally Friendly Community Projects

  • 75% of our community fund to be invested in greener communities, such as eco-friendly initiatives, cycle path improvements, bio-diversity projects and any community project that preserves the local environment.




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