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Thermal Plasterboard

Our Thermal Plasterboard will ensure that your rooms are kept to a comfortable temperature by offering a complete insulation product that looks just as slick as standard Plasterboard. With our Thermal Plasterboard you'll be keeping more drafts out and saving on energy costs.
  • on sale

    Tapered Edge Thermal EPS Laminate Plasterboard

    • Thermal Insulation
    • Direct Decoration or Skimming
    From £31.25 Was £34.38
    From £37.50 Was £41.26
  • on sale

    Thermal PIR Taper Edge Board Dot & Dab

    • High Level of Thermal Insulation
    • Reduce Risk of Condensation
    From £47.99 Was £53.32
    From £57.59 Was £63.98
  • on sale

    Tapered Edge Thermal XP Laminate Plasterboard

    • Great Thermal Performance
    • 60% Insulation Improvements
    From £43.70 Was £48.55
    From £52.44 Was £58.26

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