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Green Compost

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  • Quality Primary & Recycled Materials
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Product Information

Product Information

Green Compost Bulk Bag

Our bulk bags of compost can be used for gardening, planting beds, and general landscaping.  Our compost is ideally suited as a soil conditioner. Composted products work beneficially with fertilizer to improve nutrient use and supply to the plant increasing growth and yields.

PAS100: 2011 quality certification.

Quality Compost Protocol 2007

Supplied in 0.6m³ or 600l volumes.

Bag Size: 90 x 90 x 90cm

* This is a natural material and not sterilised, therefore we are unable to guarantee the exact colour will match the photograph included. We try to ensure consistency across our product range wherever possible.



Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Green Compost Bulk Bag Delivery

Our Bulk Bag service is available on a nationwide basis with Free Delivery.

Please ensure that you add the accurate postcode on the product page to determine the applicable price and delivery timeframe for your Bulk Bags.

Delivery Guidelines:

  • We cannot guarantee any specific delivery times and would advise to expect between 7am and 8pm. We will do what we can to deliver at the earliest convenience.
  • Deliveries will be made on a Hi-ab vehicle which requires 3.5m minimum for access. The arm on this vehicle can reach between 6-8m, varying based on access and obstacles. We’re unable to drive over raised kerbs; man-hole covers or grass and Bulk Bags must be placed on private property.
  • If we’re unable to carry out the delivery as intended due to site restrictions, wasted journey fees will apply.


Returns & Cancellations:

  • For any orders that are returned (unless deemed faulty), the customer is liable for the return shipping fees determined by the Mick George Group.
  • If your order is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled delivery date, then a £15 (Inc. VAT) cancellation fee will apply.


If your delivery postcode falls outside of those listed on the below map, then delivery will be completed on a manually operated pallet truck, moving the pallet of bag(s) to the kerbside / roadside or onto a level, solid surface such as a tarmac drive (not gravel or grass sorry)click here for more details

Green Compost Bulk Bag FAQ's

Green Compost Bulk Bag FAQ's

What is Compost?

Compost is a mixture of different ingredients used to fertilise and improve the health of soil. It is usually prepared by decomposing plant and food waste and recycling organic materials.

It’s a nutrient rich, dirt-like material that can be used to enrich soil and nourish growth.

Almost anything that comes from the ground can be composted. Cucumber ends, apple cores, carrot peels, cantaloupe rinds, avocado pits, basically any vegetable or fruit waste.

Why is Compost Important?

Composting is a great way to reduce your food waste and contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

When your food waste goes to landfill, it emits methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change, so composting will halt that process. Moreover, as Compost is a fertiliser, it prevents the need for other chemicals to be added to the soil to fulfil that role.

Other benefits of Compost include providing nutrients to crops, acting as a soil conditioner and introducing beneficial colonies of microbes that help to suppress pathogens in the soil.

Where is Compost Used?

Compost improves soil fertility in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, urban agriculture, and organic farming.

Compost can be used for land and stream reclamation, wetland construction, and landfill cover.

Cheap Compost Prices

Several factors can effect the price of Compost but the main reason the Mick George Group can provide cheap Compost is because we produce it from our own quarries and distribute it through our own fleet.

Other factors influencing the price of Compost can be delivery method, location and volume.

Aggregate Calculator

Aggregate Calculator

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