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Scotch Beach Cobbles 50-80mm

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Product Information

Product Information

50mm-80mm Scottish Cobble Bulk Bags

Go bold and make a statement with our 800kg bulk bag range of stunning 50-80mm Scotch Beach Cobbles and Pebbles ,to provide that decorative edge to your garden.

Bag Size: 90 x 90 x 90cm

Available in various sizes, shapes, colours and finishes, we can provide whatever it is you need. Sandstone, Slate or Polished, we have it all.

* This is a natural material, therefore we are unable to guarantee the exact colour will match the photograph included. Similarly, the size of individual Aggregate particles may differ if supplied at different stages but will be within the dimensions stated in the product description.

We try to ensure consistency across our product range wherever possible.

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Scottish Cobble Bulk Bag Delivery

Our Bulk Bag service is available on a nationwide basis with Free Delivery.

Please ensure that you add the accurate postcode on the product page to determine the applicable price and delivery timeframe for your Bulk Bags.

Delivery Guidelines:

  • We cannot guarantee any specific delivery times and would advise to expect between 7am and 8pm. We will do what we can to deliver at the earliest convenience.
  • Deliveries will be made on a Hi-ab vehicle which requires 3.5m minimum for access. The arm on this vehicle can reach between 6-8m, varying based on access and obstacles. We’re unable to drive over raised kerbs; man-hole covers or grass and Bulk Bags must be placed on private property.
  • If we’re unable to carry out the delivery as intended due to site restrictions, wasted journey fees will apply.


Returns & Cancellations:

  • For any orders that are returned (unless deemed faulty), the customer is liable for the return shipping fees determined by the Mick George Group.
  • If your order is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled delivery date, then a £15 (Inc. VAT) cancellation fee will apply.


If your delivery postcode falls outside of those listed on the below map, then delivery will be completed on a manually operated pallet truck, moving the pallet of bag(s) to the kerbside / roadside or onto a level, solid surface such as a tarmac drive (not gravel or grass sorry)click here for more details

Scotch Beach Cobble Bulk Bag FAQ's

Scotch Beach Cobble Bulk Bag FAQ's

What are Scottish Cobbles?

Originally sourced from the Highlands, Scottish Cobbles, pebbles and boulders are increasingly sought after, courtesy of their eye-catching presentation.

The erosion to these stones caused by the inclement weather conditions of the sea and regionality, contributes to their largely appealing colourful appearance, which emphasises many of the surrounding features.

Scottish Cobbles Benefits

Scottish Cobbles present numerous benefits, not least their versatile and durable qualities.

Frequently used to complement plantations,  providing a contemporary contrast, Scottish Cobbles can be practical too.

There ability to manage large weights without receiving damage, makes them perfect for pathways or driveways. What’s more, self-cleaned by rainwater and naturally adjusting to earth movements, they’re considered a maintenance free option.

Where are Scottish Cobbles Used?

Scottish Cobbles are used for many purposes, including pathways, borders, rockeries and as a general landscaping addition to accentuate more practical features, like seating areas.

Their soft shape and bright colours, especially when when makes them a perfect accessory for water features or fish ponds.

Cheap Scottish Cobbles Prices

Several factors can effect the price of Scottish Cobbles but the main reason the Mick George Group can provide cheap Scottish Cobbles is because we produce it from our own quarries and distribute it through our own fleet.

Other factors influencing the price of Scottish Cobbles can be delivery method, location and volume.

Aggregate Calculator

Aggregate Calculator

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