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Aggregate Materials

Our wide range of primary and recycled aggregates contain both building and decorative materials to cover all requirements.


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Primary & Recycled Aggregates

Building & Decorative Materials

Building & Decorative Materials

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Owned Quarries & Railhead Supply

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Aggregate Materials

As owners of multiple quarries, the Mick George Group supply quality aggregates from 32 separate locations throughout Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Buckinghamshire and Norfolk.

Our wide range of primary and recycled aggregates contain both building and decorative materials to cover all requirements.

Aggregate Site Locations

Aggregate Material Listing:

Recycled Aggregates




  • Gravel 40mm Single Sized
  • Gravel Recycled 40mm Singled Sized
  • Gravel 20-40mm
  • Gravel 20mm Single Sized
  • Gravel 14mm Single Sized
  • Gravel 4-20mm
  • Gravel Recycled 4-20mm
  • Gravel 10mm Single Sized
  • Gravel 6mm
  • Gravel 4-10mm
  • Gravel Recycled 4-10mm
  • Gravel As-raised
  • Gravel Rejects
  • Gravel 10mm to Dust
  • 6C



  • Cambs Spec (Her) Limestone
  • Type 1 Graded Limestone
  • 6N Limestone
  • Oversized Limestone
  • 75mm Clean Limestone
  • 50mm Clean Limestone
  • 20mm Clean Limestone
  • 6F5 Graded Limestone
  • 75mm Down Limestone
  • 50mm Down Limestone
  • 40mm Down Limestone
  • 20mm Down Limestone
  • 1A Trench Fill Limestone
  • 63-10mm Limestone
  • Type 1 Carboniferous Limestone
  • Type 3 Carboniferous Limestone
  • Trenchfill
  • 6H Blended
  • 4mm to Dust Limestone
  • Grit
  • Sugar Stone
  • Supaflow


  • 125mm Clean Carrstone
  • 75mm Clean Carrstone
  • 125mm Down Carrstone
  • 75mm Down Carrstone
  • 50mm Down Carrstone
  • Carrstone Fines
  • 6C


  • Type 1 Granite
  • Type 3 Granite
  • 20mm Pink Granite
  • 20mm Grey Granite
  • 20mm Clean Granite
  • 28mm Clean Granite
  • 4mm to Dust Granite
  • 10mm to Dust Granite
  • 28mm to Dust Granite
  • 4-20mm Granite
  • 6H Blended
  • Supaflow
  • Grit


Cement / Waste

  • Muck Waste
  • Muck Fines
  • CBM (Cement Bound Material)


L4 Civils Ltd

L4 Civils Ltd

Aggregates Testimonial

The Mick George Group supply not only a first class product but also a first class service. The process from quotation to delivery is always seamless, highly recommended company for all your requirements.

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M.V Kelly Ltd

Aggregates Testimonial

The Mick George Group are a very professional company, providing competitive prices and excellent service. Always a pleasure to deal with.

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