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Low Carbon Concrete

Our premium quality wet-batch Concrete replaces up to 40% of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) materials with Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA), reducing carbon emissions by up to 30%.


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Achieving Net Zero Concrete by 2050

Worldwide production volumes of Concrete are estimated to exceed 30 billion tonnes annually, making it the second most utilised material on earth. Unfortunately, it’s practicality is now over-shadowed by the realisation that Concrete manufacturing contributes approximately 8% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – the third largest producer of CO2 after transport and energy generation.

So, with global construction output estimated to grow by 42% by 2030, the industry is pulling together to achieve the ‘Net Zero’ target of making the material more sustainable.


Key Concrete Statistics

  • Most Used Material Worldwide
  • 3rd Largest Producer of CO2
  • 30 Billion Tonnes Produced Annually
  • 8% of Global Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions
  • Net Zero by 2050

Mainline Production Process

Typically, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) comprises between 10% – 15% of a Concrete mix, by volume. If the Cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest carbon dioxide emitter in the world with up to 2.8 billion tonnes.

This is due to the complex chemical process involved with its production:

Concrete Production Process

The Mick George Method

Typically, Mick George Concrete quote using a blended cement type CIIB-V as the preferred option. Our Standard blend is 70:30 between Cement (CEMI) and Pulverised Fuel Ash (higher replacement levels are available), resulting in carbon emission reduction of up to 30%.

When blended with CEMI, PFA demonstrates cementitious properties and can be used to replace proportions of cement, offering additional benefits such as Sulphate and chemical resistance to concrete as well as the reduction of embodied carbon in concrete.

The PFA used in concrete has been processed to comply with the requirements of BS EN450 and is accepted as a standard cementitious material when used at accepted blends.

Initially used for the enhanced resistivity properties, which can cover Sulphate and aggressive chemical classes up to DS- AC-4, CEMI can only meet with DS- AC-2, recent years have shown increasing use due to the reduction in carbon contents of concrete.

The table below shows a typical embodied carbon calculation for the same specified mix, C28/35 concrete, using CEMI, our standard 30% blend CIIBV and a 36% CIVB cement type.Mick George Concrete

Mick George Concrete

What is Pulverised Fuel Ash?

PFA is a by-product of coal-burning power stations which historically ended up in Landfills. The ‘ash’ is recovered from the gases and used, amongst other functions, as a more sustainable cement substitute.

PFA Benefits

There are many benefits to using Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) including;

  • Enhanced long-term durability
  • Resistance to chloride, sulphate and alkali- silica attack / reaction
  • Reduced thermal cracking
  • Improved performance
  • Cost savings (owing to longer service)

Concrete Batching Plant Locations


concrete testimonial Hawkes

Hawkes Group

Concrete Testimonial

Hawkes and the Mick George Group have built a great working relationship, with the company always doing their best to fulfil our order requirements. Their huge fleet of vehicles can handle any sized project. We're hoping to work together for many more years to come!

concrete testimonial JJ Mac

JJ Mac Ltd

Concrete Testimonial

Always a pleasure dealing with the Mick George Group. They always go the extra mile to make sure we get the service we order on time and at the best rates. All our managers and site support staff really appreciate the prompt and efficient service.

L Petriello Testimonial

L Petriello Contractors

Concrete Testimonial

The Mick George Group have supplied our Aggregates, Concrete and Skip Hire for many years. Their service is fantastic and has always been without problem. We Would definitely recommend their services to others.

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