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Commercial Waste Sectors

Regardless of sector, the Mick George Group provide a wide range of sustainable Commercial Waste solutions to new and established businesses of all sizes.


Our younger generations are more environmentally aware than ever before and subsequently, Education institutions are well versed in seeking ‘greener’ solutions for Commercial Waste. Serving schools, colleges and universities, we ensure the appropriate management of all waste streams, ensuring reduced landfill contributions.

Chemical & Energy

Operators in the industrial sector are continually challenged with ‘cleaning up’ what is typically considered a ‘dirty’ industry, given the associated dangers that could be associated if not managed appropriately. Our network of hazardous waste facilities means that we can take care of your waste from collection to incineration, giving you peace of mind that your waste is being treated safely and legally.

Commercial & Office

Customers are increasingly choosing to engage with businesses based on their environmental credentials which means Commercial operators can use sustainable waste management to their advantage. Beyond any standard regulatory requirements, we can help businesses improve their Corporate Social Responsibility in the most sustainable and cost effective manner.

Facilities Management

Whether outsourced or managed internally, we welcome partnerships with all facilities managers to deliver a waste management programme that is tailored to any business needs, regardless of sector. Our Materials Recycling Facilities ensure we can suitably segregate all waste streams - paper, card and plastic to food and electrical waste (WEEE), providing best practice, cost and time savings.


Diverse by nature, the Healthcare industry demands exceptional levels of cleanliness, aptitude and innovation when it comes to Commercial Waste solutions. Our state-of-the-art facilities and technologies simplify the wide ranging waste streams produced by Hospitals, Dentists, Nursing Homes and the likes – clinical, electrical or other; ensuring a first-class service that you can rely on.

Hospitality & Events

Our Commercial Waste solutions for Food and Beverage Retailers and Manufacturers, allows them to effectively manage their waste whilst delivering innovative solutions for consumers in line with tight cost control, environmental and legislative measures. Our services include Hospitality, Events Public Houses and Restaurants, whereby flexible collection schedules are possible to negate any impact of disruption.

Warehouse & Manufacturing

Our integrated approach reduces waste, pinpoints recycling opportunities and maximises returns from valuable commodities throughout the production and manufacturing process.Using our state of the art recycling technologies, we take your industrial, factory, production, packaging and even hazardous waste, and work to recover and recycle as much of it as possible, with financial returns available.

Retail and Leisure

Whether you are a small convenience store, or a large retail shopping centre, rubbish collection and waste disposal needs to operate smoothly both in your customer areas and behind the scenes. Retail outlets produce a vast range of waste streams, fluctuating in volume at different times. We understand the pressure to keep your retail space inviting and waste free, so we work with you to take the strain, organising collections at times that work for your business, whatever the time of day or night.

Logistics & Distribution

The road, rail and aviation network is critical for transporting people, goods and services but that means waste streams are diverse. Using the latest recycling technologies, we work with transport and logistics companies to ensure the effective recovery and recycling of all types of paper, card, plastic, wood and hazardous waste streams, palletised or loose. This includes specialist services relating to the automotive market, critical for any fleet or haulier operators.

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