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Dismantling and Asset Recovery

Dismantling is a reverse construction engineering process, whereby Clients may benefit from a mixed package of Dismantling and Demolition, allowing valuable plant or structures to be dismantled and recovered as assets.



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Dismantling and Asset Recovery

It’s a common misconception that Demolition and dismantling is one and the same thing, but not in our eyes.

The Mick George Group recognise considerable differential between the two and consider the best solutions available to our clients.

Dismantling is quite literally a reverse construction engineering process, whereby clients may benefit from a mixed package of dismantling and Demolition, allowing structures to be dismantled and valuable commodities recovered as assets to be re-used or sold-off, reducing a client’s closure costs and benefiting business objectives.

Prior to any dismantling or Demolition works commencing, our specialist team will conduct a thorough assessment of site to identify any opportunities for asset recovery of redundant plant and, or equipment that may otherwise be scrapped.

This information will be relayed to the client along with a proposed valuation, for which the two parties can mutually agree whether the asset recovery process should be pursued.

Asset Recovery Techniques

Should asset recovery works be employed, our specialist team will develop safe systems of work, ensuring that the dismantling phase is planned and executed to the highest of standards. Typically the works involve; isolation, decontamination, dismantling, packaging and removal.


Whether a site is considered sensitive, live or dormant, urban or rurally located, occupied or not; Mick George Demolition offer wide-ranging solutions to approach each case in isolation. We continually evaluate new technologies and working methods to allow us to deliver the most complex of projects in the most challenging of environments, without disruption to schedules.

We can make contingencies for close proximity dwellings or residents that could include; structural dismantling, scaffolding, sound and visual attenuation screening, as well as dust and vibration prevention techniques to minimise the impact on local communities.

Our dismantling and asset recovery experience spans a wide range of settings, including but not limited too:

  • Power stations
  • Chimneys and towers
  • Dangerous structures
  • Pre-stressed concrete structures
  • Hospitals, schools, theatres, cinemas, churches and other public buildings
  • Factories and other industrial buildings
  • Office and residential blocks
  • Listed properties with retained façades
  • Bridges, viaducts and reservoirs
  • Operational facilities such as airports, defence and other high security facilities

Morris Homes

Demolition Testimonial

We're very impressed with the progress being made on the Demolition project at Gamlingay. Having visited the site, we were pleased to see how efficient and well organised the team were in delivering high quality Demolition works.

Volker Fitzpatrick

Demolition Testimonial

We are very impressed with the Demolition works by the team at Lutterworth South. The site is set up well and they are doing a very professional job on the Demolition thus far.

Morgan Sindall

Demolition Testimonial

The Mick George Demolition team conducted themselves fantastically during the works on site. They done a great job and we would have no hesitation recommending them. Even a member of the public complimented the way the team went about things and how neat and tidy the site was, something for all to be proud of.

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