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Commercial Waste Materials

The Mick George Group provide businesses with dependable Commercial Waste collections no matter what volume or material – Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass,, Food, Textiles or other.

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Commercial Waste Streams

At the Mick George Group, we recognise the significance of frequent, dependable, waste collections for your business. No matter what volume, we provide waste collection services for all types of businesses and importantly, all waste streams. No matter what it is you need, or what it is you need to get rid of, the Mick George Group are here to help.

Our responsibility is to provide you with the most efficient waste collection service possible, whether you are just needing general waste collecting, or whether you require a specialist disposal service for any given material. We’ll ensure you have the right type and size containers to match your waste volumes and the space you have available.

We tailor our collection service to your needs, always ensuring that whatever the proposed solution, it will remain cost effective, compliant and sustainable, boosting your recycling performance through enhanced material recovery.


See the range of Commercial Waste Materials that we manage below:

General Waste Collection

General waste, or otherwise known as residual waste, consists of materials from businesses that cannot be recycled. It includes materials such as non-recyclable plastics, polythene, some packaging and other materials.

General waste collections

Previously, this waste predominantly disposed of at landfill sites without exception, but technological developments have resulted in several alternative methods for managing general waste streams, subsequently adding value along the way, usually in the form of recoverable energy.

Collaboratively, we’ll work alongside you to make sure that you segregate as much of your waste as possible. Whenever we can, we’ll give it a new life from recycling it to creating new materials or using it to generate green energy. Waste that can’t be recycled is unavoidable, but we will always deal with it in a compliant way that reduces its impact on the environment.

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Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) Collection

Our dry mixed recycling service will manage all clean commercial paper and card and dry mixed recycling, including packaging card, newspapers, drinks cans and single use plastic items such as water bottles, plastic bottles and other plastic items.

Dry Mixed Recycling

Managing DMR appropriately will help you to reduce your environmental impact through the diversion of waste from landfill, while simultaneously improving your recycling credentials, both of which will offer financial and CSR benefits.
Separating your waste streams from other materials will minimises the disposal cost of your other containers too.

The plastic, paper and card we collect is turned into valuable new materials.

Not all materials are recyclable through Dry Mixed Recycling due to contamination, for which we provide other specialist services to safely dispose of them. These include:

  • Black bags
  • Waxed paper cups
  • Crisp packets and sweet wrappers
  • Liquids, polystyrene, glass, ceramics, wood offcuts, textiles or strapping
  • Hard and rigid plastics
  • Containers with any residue of food or hazardous material
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Glass Waste Collection

Glass is 100% recyclable without compromising quality, yet so much of it is disposed of and sent to landfill where it will never decompose.
It’s estimated that the hospitality sector discard approximately away 600,000 tonnes of glass every year, In the form of bottles, jars and drinkware.

Glass waste collection

We accept both clear and mixed glass, so there is no need to sort and separate your coloured glass, leaving you the time to focus on running your business.

Once we have collected your glass, it is sorted by colour and washed. It is then crushed and melted before being moulded into new products.
Diverting glass waste from landfill saves your business more than money. Recycling your waste glass also boosts your recycling rates, improves your corporate reputation, and avoids landfill disposal costs.

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Wood Waste Collection

There is nothing more recyclable than Wood, so there’s no excuse why only 1.4m tonnes of the estimated 5m tonnes of waste wood, is recycled annually.

Wood waste collections

To help you separate out your wood waste, we have a range of containers that can be tailored to suit your business requirements, preventing your materials from ending up in landfill alongside non-recyclable waste streams.

Our service converts a waste material back into a valuable new resource that would otherwise have been landfilled.

It is either used as a feedstock for animal bedding, made into chipboard or particle board products. Lower grades of wood can be used as fuel for biomass systems to generate green electricity and low-cost heat for communities.

Segregating your waste wood will reduce the weight of your other containers, saving you money, while simultaneously improving your environmental contributions.

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Food Waste Collection

Regardless of sector, there’s a high possibility that your business will produce food waste of some description, contributing to the 20 million tonnes that is produced annually.

Food waste collection

From offices with canteens to food production and food distribution outlets, we offer food waste and food recycling collections for companies of all sizes.

Once food waste is collected it is distributed to state of the art Anaerobic Digestion facilities which process and convert food waste into renewable energy. Subsequently, this helps us control, and potentially reduce, your waste costs by recycling commercial food waste into usable energy that can go into powering lights, appliances, and other electronic devices.

Alternatively, food waste will be circulated to composting centres for transformation into bio-fertiliser and soil conditioner.

Where possible, none of your food waste will go to landfill, saving you money.

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Hazardous Waste Collection

Distinguishing between standard waste and Hazardous Waste isn’t always instantly identifiable, which is where we can help.

Hazardous waste is harmful when it contains properties that make it damaging to our health or the environment. It is for that reason that the Hazardous Waste Regulations were implemented in 2005 to bring everyday items including computer monitors, TVs, fluorescent tubes and other electrical items under the scope of the requirements.

Hazardous waste collections

Disposing of hazardous waste can be dangerous and it requires skill and expertise to the do the job properly. The Mick George Group operate a specialist hazardous waste division providing flexibility, capability and commitment to provide quality solutions for companies large or small. Our trained experts will advise, identify, treat and collect dangerous waste, and recycle as much of it as possible.

Our Hazardous Waste Services Include:

• WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) collection & recycling service
• Bulk liquid disposal
• Sewage disposal
• Interceptor & gully cleaning
• Heavy industrial cleaning
• Lithium battery disposal

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Go Green

Waste Management

We have always received a reliable and professional Waste Management service. They help to provide modern, forward-thinking and sustainable Waste Management processes which are vital in our constantly evolving industry. We would highly recommend the Mick George Group to anyone requiring a fully compliant Waste Management service.

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Moran Sindall

Waste Management

We find the Mick George Group very easy to deal with, their customer service is always great and their quick turnaround times on exchanges, keeps our sites running smoothly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

fletchers waste management

Fletchers Waste Management

Waste Management

We have worked with the Mick George Group on a number or projects and always been offered excellent service and competitive pricing. Their customer service team are always on hand to help with any issues and are extremely friendly and easy to deal with. Finally, their state-of-the-art facilities situated throughout the UK mean that all your waste is dealt with in a compliant and ‘eco-friendly’ manner.

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