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Waste Rebates

The Mick George Group pay top prices for regular supplies of quality recycled materials including loose or baled Cardboard, Paper and Plastics through our Waste Rebates service.

Waste Rebates

Don’t incur unnecessary charges by sending your waste to landfill, make money by selling it to us instead. We pay top prices for regular supplies of quality recycled materials including loose or baled Cardboard, Paper and Plastics. All quantities considered and we will arrange collection and removal from any UK location.

With over 40 years’ experience, we are one of the UK’s largest privately owned Waste Management companies with a vast knowledge of Paper, Plastic and Metal recycling.

Our focus is to help our clients streamline their waste. Whether you are a waste company, producer, or have a surplus of waste; we will achieve the best value for your materials and handle it in a responsible manner.

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We specialise in the purchase and sale of the following recyclable materials, and can arrange collections nationally for:

Paper and Cardboard
• Loose collections in Skips & Roll On/Off’s
• Baled material collected from mini bales through to mill size bales
• High volume direct to Mills

• Loose and baled from films to rigid grades

Redundant Packaging
• From plastic reels to IBC’s and steel drums

Mixed Loads
• Need a trailer for all material types? We can help

Alternatively, we can also supply your business with a range of bespoke Recycling Equipment to make on-site waste storage and recycling more efficient.

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Go Green

Waste Management

We have always received a reliable and professional Waste Management service. They help to provide modern, forward-thinking and sustainable Waste Management processes which are vital in our constantly evolving industry. We would highly recommend the Mick George Group to anyone requiring a fully compliant Waste Management service.

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Moran Sindall

Waste Management

We find the Mick George Group very easy to deal with, their customer service is always great and their quick turnaround times on exchanges, keeps our sites running smoothly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

fletchers waste management

Fletchers Waste Management

Waste Management

We have worked with the Mick George Group on a number or projects and always been offered excellent service and competitive pricing. Their customer service team are always on hand to help with any issues and are extremely friendly and easy to deal with. Finally, their state-of-the-art facilities situated throughout the UK mean that all your waste is dealt with in a compliant and ‘eco-friendly’ manner.

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