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Surveying & Engineering

Utilising UAV’s, Georeferencing software and Trimble GPS technology, our experienced Engineering team can provide comprehensive setting out and surveying services.


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Surveying & Engineering

In addition to traditional surveying techniques, our experienced Engineering team can provide comprehensive setting out and surveying services using the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and Trimble GPS equipment; the most advanced and accurate technology for geographical mapping information capture.

Utilising Microdrone technology and Georeferencing software, we’re able to conduct thorough topographical surveys to compute cut and fill volumes for our clients and effectively the best Bulk Earthworks solutions available. The team are fully equipped with the latest robotic total stations and GPS rover kits for all setting-out and surveying demands.

The UAV’s offer a host of benefits; not only do they save time in the field collecting data, they’re generally considered much more reliable, permit access to previously unreachable or dangerous areas and provide an instant snap shot for progress calculations. In addition, they minimise production downtime while marking ground control points, and eliminate the risks associated with site personnel amongst heavy construction plant.

The UAVs are capable of videos, thermal imagery, photography and inspections.

Trimble Controlled Machines

Trimble Controlled Machines

Our large fleet of Trimble controlled machines are capable of cutting and trimming automatically to a digital terrain model, making the need for profile boards and boning-in obsolete; saving time and materials, while removing human error and accident/ injury occurrences.

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Trimble’s 3D GCS900 has been installed on our bulldozers, excavators and our grader, allowing design models to be sent wirelessly. The machines can be controlled in 3D with the connection of either a GPS base station or Robotic Total Station. 2D guidance is also an option using our grading lasers.

We also have machines fitted with precision laser boxes for trimming shed floor subbase.

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty

Earthworks Testimonial

The Mick George Group are carrying out works to an excellent standard in terms of safety, quality and programme. The Team are continually collaborating well with the Balfour Beatty project team with on-site operations and exploring value engineering opportunities.

C3 Construction

C3 Construction

Earthworks Testimonial

The Mick George Group are one of our preferred suppliers and it's down to their competitiveness, reliability, product knowledge and excellent customer services. We can always trust that works are completed efficiently and to the best standard.

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