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Gen2 Concrete 

From £106.85 Was £111.85

From £128.22 Was £134.22

per m3

  • Premium Ready Mix Concrete
  • Specialist Applications
  • BSI Accredited

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Product Information

Product Information

Gen2 Concrete designation mixes are applied for a series of concretes that are used for housing, and similar non structural applications. The requirements specify a minimum quantity of cement (minimum cement content, or MCC) to be included, but no water cement ratio (w/c) as such, they have relatively low levels of durability.

Applications: GEN2 Concrete provides the ideal material for domestic flooring when no permanent floor finish will be installed but it will be carpeted or tiled.

  • un-reinforced strip footings
  • trench-fill foundations
  • foundations for walls, sheds and conservatories
  • paving for steps and paths
  • blinding
  • un-reinforced mass concrete fill
  • strip footings
  • Concrete strength: 15N/mm2 at 28 days
  • GEN2 should not be used externally unless completely covered or encased

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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Concrete Delivery Areas

Mick George Concrete is able to deliver Premium Ready Mixed Concrete to domestic, trade and commercial customers across multiple counties, within a 15-mile radius of each of its Batching Plant facilities.

Our fleet of 40-plus modern Barrell Mixers vary in size and material volume distribution; ranging from 8m3, 6m3 and 4m3 Mini-Mixers, each supplying Wet-Batch Concrete, as well as Volumetrics for Dry-Batch Concrete requirements.

Our fleet configurations ensure that we provide the most efficient Concrete delivery option, as quickly and competitively as possible – typically, as requested or next-day (often same-day).

For more information on our Concrete service; including delivery information, vehicle dimensions and other, please review our FAQ’s.

Concrete Pricing

Concrete Pricing

Over and above the Concrete material costs, the following surcharges may apply and will be confirmed at the point of order (or on confirmation):

  • Cancellation: Cancellation’s must be made 48-hours prior to the scheduled delivery, if not cancellation will be applied at £25/m3 charged at minimum £150
  • Return: £150 per meter for returned concrete
  • Diversion: £150 to divert a load
  • Delivery Timescales: 48 hours for specific timeslots

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Concrete Calculator

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