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Insulation Slabs

Insulation slab is very similar to loft roll but slightly more rigid. For deep applications where 100mm or more insulation is required in walls. Insulation slab is more beneficial as it can also be friction-fit but doesn’t particularly need to be fixed in place.
  • Rockwool Flexi Acoustic Slab 33kg/m3

    • 33kgm2
    • Insulating
    From £38.12
    From £45.74
  • Rockwool ProRox SL920 Acoustic Slab RWA45 45kgm3

    • 45kgm2
    • Long lasting
    From £24.89
    From £29.87
  • Rockwool ProRox SL930 Acoustic Slab RW3 60kg/m3

    • 60kgm2
    • Range of thicknesses
    From £57.24
    From £68.69
  • Rockwool ProRox SL950 Acoustic Slab RW4 80kgm3

    • 80kgm2
    • Acoustic & thermal
    From £54.66
    From £65.59
  • Rockwool ProRox SL960 Acoustic Slab RW5 100KG/m3

    • 100kgm2
    • High density
    From £43.46
    From £52.15

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