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Top Ideas For Using Garden Sleepers

Railway sleepers. There are a variety of fantastic ways to use them to improve your garden’s look and feel.

Our top ideas for using garden sleepers

There are a variety of fantastic ways to use Railway Sleepers to improve your garden’s look and feel. These new garden railway sleepers are a great way of giving your garden a timeless feel. Our sleepers are brand new and have none of the scuffs and holes of reclaimed sleepers.

Check out our favourite ideas for using railway sleepers in your garden.

Raised beds and planters

Laying railway sleepers vertically or horizontally, you can create very attractive raised beds, planters or borders. This will highlight an area, creating a beautiful contrast to the rest of the yard. The advantages of growing your plants this way are numerous too. Firstly, you have complete control of the growing medium. This gives you the ability to increase or reduce moisture holding or nutrient levels, not to mention being able to introduce a whole new soil type in contrast to your garden. Soil in raised beds also warms quicker, giving both ornamental and edible crops a head start.

Garden Edging

Our sleepers are great for edging your garden because they are robust and durable. You can use them to form a beautiful border around flower beds, grass or your patio. Using railway sleepers in this way is like putting an old picture in a brand new picture frame. It gives a whole new life and perspective to your garden and gives it a real refresh!


Natural garden decking provides a great environment for dinner parties in the garden. Using garden sleepers to build your decking is a brilliant alternative to traditional decking to add a unique look to your garden.

Garden ponds

Creating a garden pond with sleepers will add a unique twist to your garden. This is something that will definitely impress visitors in your garden, and even your pond wildlife! Creating a pond or water feature from railway sleepers adds a whole other dimension to your garden. Water loving plants, fish & frogs, the sound of running water, constructing a raised pond out of railway sleepers is surprisingly straightforward!

Garden pathways and steps

A unique way to break up your lawn is using railway sleepers to create interesting pathways. These beautiful paths give easy access across the garden space and protect your lawn from foot traffic up and down your garden. Garden sleepers make excellent rustic garden steps to help improve access between different garden levels.

Garden Furniture

If having a bespoke, unique garden is what you are looking for, why not try building your own garden furniture with sleepers? Due to their durability, long-lasting lifespan and rustic look, it is a perfect, simple but attractive way to create your own unique garden furniture that your friends and family will love.

We stock both Softwood Green and Softwood Brown pressure treated sleepers in a number of different sizes so you can have exactly what you need for your landscaping project. All of our new softwood, garden railway sleepers are pressure treated to ensure the maximum lifespan and to prevent insect attack and fungal decay.

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