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Wood Fence Panels

Wood fence panels are used to create a closed off, private place to relax in.


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What is Wood Fence Panels?

Wood fence panels are used to create a closed off, private place to relax in.

Wood fence panels come in a variety of sizes, colours, styles and designs including overlap panels, feather edge and picket fences.

Wood fence panels help define the borders of your outdoor space for privacy, shade, and protection.

The two most popular wood materials used to make durable fence panels are pine and cedar wood. Both woods are preferred for their beauty and durability among other outstanding properties.

Where are Wood Fence Panels Used?

Wood Fence panels are predominately found in gardens, although considered a decorative feature, having wood fence panels offers security and a sense of privacy in your home.

There are various different types of wood fence panels available on todays market with each offering different purpose, these include lap fencing, feather edge fencing and hit and miss fencing.

The Mick George Group offer various pressure treated wood fence panels. From traditional closeboard panels to decorative lattice panels, we have everything you need to create the perfect fence for your garden.

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Wood Fence Panel Purpose?

Having good quality wood fence panels improves security, it keeps the inside in and the outside out, preventing unwanted animals, unauthorised vehicles or people from accessing your land.

Close board fence panels create a very popular screen fence, offering privacy and security.

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Wood Fence Panel Purpose?

Wood Fence Panel Sizes

Wood Fence panels come in a standard width of 6 feet. Heights include 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft. Trellis panels also come in 1ft and 2ft heights, ideal for fence toppers, planter trellis and wall trellis.

3 foot and 4 foot fence panels are most commonly used for low level fencing such as a front garden boundary.

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Wood Fence Panel Sizes

Wood Fence Panel Installation

Putting up new wood fence panels is a straightforward job for anyone with basic DIY skills.

Putting up wooden fencing for yourself is a very rewarding process and is easier than you think. Fences are often overlooked and taken for granted, but with a little effort they can enhance your garden environment.

8 simple steps to installing your wood fence panels:

  •  Select Fence Type
  • Preparation – Clear vegetation
  • Position Posts
  • Set Posts
  • Install Gravel Board
  • Fit Panels
  • Trim Posts
  • Treat

Click here for more information.

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Wood Fence Panels Installation

Which Fence Panel?

With such a huge selection on offer, it would be tempting to think that choosing a timber or metal fence panel design is easy whether your decision is based on style, height or any other criteria.

However, because there is such an impressive range, you might find several high quality panels that meet your needs, so its important you really take your time in picking which fence panel would be best in your garden.

The Mick George Group supply a wide range of fence panels.

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Which Fence Panel?

Wood Fence Panel Treatment

Wood Fence panels that have been become heavily soiled with biological growth may require a second treatment.

Once cleaned, treated and allowed to dry, wood fence panels should then be treated with a wood preservative, this will help to prevent future growth of mould and algae.

Luckily, The Mick George Group have an excellent range of ever lasting wood fence panels which we think will really make your garden stand out.

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Wood Fence Panel Treatment

Cheap Wood Fence Panel Prices

Recognised as a major supplier of all types of DIY and Timber products, the Mick George Group offer cheap wood fence panel prices across its entire range.

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Cheap Wood Fence Panels Prices

Buy Wood Fence Panels Online

As well as ordering over the phone, customers can also buy wood fence panels online, 24-7 at their convenience.

The process is extremely simple and will only take a few minutes.

Customers can view exactly what they want, retrieve all the information they need and have the wood fence panels delivered quickly.

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Buy Wood Fence Panels Online

Wood Fence Panel Suppliers

As with all of our Timber supplies, our wood fence panels are only sourced from approved Timber Mills throughout the world, ensuring the best possible quality.

Our wood fence panels meet the highest Grade specifications.

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Wood Fence Panels Suppliers

Wood Fence Panel Delivery Locations

Courtesy of our expansive network quality Timber sources and large fleet of vehicles, we’re able to deliver wood fence panels quickly and efficiently to domestic, trade and commercial customers throughout Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and Norfolk, as well as on a nationwide basis.

Wood fence panels delivery will occur within a 14-day period from ordering.


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