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How to fit a fence

A home’s boundaries need to be defined to create privacy, enhance security and provide shelter for your garden.

How to fit a fence

A beautiful boundary……

A home’s boundaries need to be defined to create privacy, enhance security and provide shelter for your garden. While a hedge can take years to establish and a stone wall is costly and time-consuming, a timber fence is a simple solution that is refreshingly simple to erect.

Step 1: – Select Fence Type – Dependent on preference or practicality, there are a huge selection of Fence Panels available, all with different appeal. Choose wisely.

Step 2: – Preparation – Clear vegetation. Hammer a wooden stake in the ground at the starting point for the fence. Tie a string to this stake, and attach to another stake at the end of the area to be fenced off.

Step 3: – Position Posts – Dig a hole 600mm deep x 150mm sq. at the start point of your fence. Measure the width of your fence panels, and mark out the position of the remaining fence posts. Repeat hole digging for each post.

Step 4: – Set Posts – Decide whether you wish to use Wooden or Concrete posts. For a standard 6ft fence, use 2.4m posts. Place each post in to the holes, fill with Hardcore to remain upright and ensure the posts run parallel before applying water and ‘Postcrete’ mix. Leave to set for 1 hour.

Step 5: – Install Gravel Board – Attach a Wooden or Concrete Gravel Board between the posts, at the foot, approximately 50mm off the ground, using ‘U-Shaped post clips’ to prevent the fence panel from absorbing moisture.

Step 6: – Fit Panels – Lift the fence panels in to position, on top of the Gravel Board and fasten to each post, using three panel clips at each end. Use a Spirit Level to make sure they are all straight, along the top, bottom and face.

Step 7: – Trim Posts – With the Fence panels all in place, cut the posts level to the top of the panels and add a finial or cap for decorative charm.

Step 8: – Treat – Although all our Fencing is pressure treated, for extra durability that will last longer in all weather conditions, add Woodstain for added protection and colour variation.

Materials Required

Skip / Fence Posts / Gravel Board / Fence Panels / Post Caps / Woodstain / Postcrete

Mick’s Handy Tips:

Why not supplement your beautiful new Fence with a Gate to add those all important extra touches.

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