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Wood Decking Boards

Wood decking boards provide the finished surface of a deck, keep people from falling through between joists, and supports the weight of people and furniture.


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What are Wood Decking Boards?

Wood decking boards provide the finished surface of a deck, keep people from falling through between joists, and supports the weight of people and furniture.

The plank thickness should provide a solid feel for the unsupported distance between joists.

Wood decking boards are perfect for extending outdoor living areas and can be arranged in different designs, to meet individual preference.

Wood decking boards are a great landscaping option for outdoor spaces of any size.


Where are Wood Decking Boards Used?

Wood decking boards are seen as the ideal way to define different areas of the outdoor space you have available.

It provides a great surface for an outdoor seating area, around a swimming pool or maybe a hot tub, plus it is quick and easy to install and fairly cost effective to boot.

The three common choices when it comes to wood decks are redwood, cedar and pressure-treated wood that can be made of various types of wood materials.

Alternatively, composite decking boards could be used.


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Best Decking Boards?

Enthusiasts of natural wood prefer hardwood decking because it is widely available, strong, lightweight, and has a naturally attractive colour that makes for a beautiful deck.

The wood has naturally occurring oils and tannins that are resistant to insects and rot.

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Best Decking Boards?

Wood Decking Board Sizes

Six-inch wide boards are ideal in most cases. Four inch wide material takes longer to install, creates more gaps and requires a lot more fasteners.

The Mick George Group supply a wide range of different size wood decking boards

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Wood Decking Board Sizes

Wood Decking Board Treatment

It is important to inspect your coating every six months to look out for any chips or patches. Re-coat the patch when necessary, for best results we recommend treating the decking area at least once a year!

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Wood Decking Board Treatment

Wood Decking Board Installation

If you’re laying your deck straight onto the ground, cover the area with a layer of weed control fabric.

Then add 40 mm to 50 mm of gravel on top. The other method is to create concrete pads for the deck to sit on top of.

This will reduce the likelihood of moisture seeping into the frame and causing damage.

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Wood Decking Board Installation

Wood Decking Board Layout

When using wood decking, you want a gap of at least 1/8 of an inch after your decking has dried out.

If you’re using decking that’s already been dried out, you can leave a 1/8-inch gap when you install.

Many decks will use “green” wood, or wood that hasn’t been dried down or kiln dried.

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Wood Decking Boards Layout

Cheap Wood Decking Board Prices

Recognised as a major supplier of all types of DIY and Timber products, the Mick George Group offer cheap wood decking boards prices across its entire range.

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Cheap Wood Decking Board Prices

Buy Wood Decking Boards Online

As well as ordering over the phone, customers can also buy wood decking boards online, 24-7 at their convenience.

The process is extremely simple and will only take a few minutes.

Customers can view exactly what they want, retrieve all the information they need and have the wood decking boards delivered quickly.

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Buy Wood Decking Board Online

Wood Decking Board Suppliers

As with all of our Timber supplies, our wood decking boards are only sourced from approved Timber Mills throughout the world, ensuring the best possible quality.

Our wood decking boards meet the highest Grade specifications.

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Wood Decking Board Suppliers

Wood Decking Board Delivery Locations

Courtesy of our expansive network quality Timber sources and large fleet of vehicles, we’re able to deliver wood decking boards quickly and efficiently to domestic, trade and commercial customers throughout Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and Norfolk, as well as on a nationwide basis.

Wood decking boards delivery will occur within a 14-day period from ordering.


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