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Building a Hot Tub Shelter

Learn how to build a Hot Tub Shelter in just 5 simple steps.

How to build a Hot Tub Shelter

Looking to get a hot tub or jacuzzi put in your garden this summer, or lucky enough to already have a hot tub in your garden? With a polycarbonate canopy, you can relax all year round, regardless of the temperamental British weather!

Find out how to build your very own Hot Tub Shelter by following our 5 simple steps…

Step 1: Drilling – First of all, you will need to decide on where the posts of your Hot Tub canopy will go into the ground. Remember to make sure that you will have enough overhang for the canopy to cover the whole of the hot tub, as well as any additional coverage for when you are getting in and out! Next, drill four holes that are at least 2 foot deep where your side posts will be placed into. Don’t forget to treat the bottom of your posts with paint or our own wood stain to prevent the bottoms of your posts from rotting over time.

Step 2: Side Posts – Put the posts in the ground and attach your side beams and battens with hammer plugs. Your side beams should be attached to the lengthways beams of the sides and front with metal brackets to ensure stability and strength. Always adjust your construction with the help of a handy spirit level and once your are happy everything is level, fill around the posts with quick-set concrete.

Step 3: Intermediate Beams – Now it’s time to position the intermediate posts. Make sure you place a post every 75cm using spruce or hardwood battens for the posts.

Step 4: Polycarbonate – Position the polycarbonate sheets on the canopy and check that each panel is perfectly aligned, parallel to the side beams you have already installed. Drill holes in the side beams and place the screws with rubber rings every 25cm along it. Place your H-profile over the first panel and fasten it with screws. Take the second panel and slide it into the H-profile and fasten it. Repeat these simple steps until your jacuzzi shelter is completely covered.

Step 5: Secured – Of course you will want to make sure that your hot tub canopy is watertight so begin by sealing the edge along the H-profiles with Seal ‘n Bond adhesive. Make sure the panels are grease-free before you seal them to ensure a perfect watertight seal. To clean the polycarbonate, you can use a soft cloth and a special plastic cleaner. Finally, install a gutter on the lower side to collect rainwater and attach your gutter to the front of the beam with gutter brackets and attach the drainpipe to the posts.

At last, your hot tub shelter is ready for use for all year round! Perfect for those evenings where the weather isn’t quite up to scratch but you still want to enjoy it in the hot tub!

Materials Required

Skip / Stain / Posts /Concrete

Mick’s Handy Tips:

Why not supplement your beautiful new Hot Tub shelter with some of our fantastic paving products to add that unique touch to your garden?

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