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Fenstanton Village Pond

The Mick George Group have supported Mepal Parish Council with their local Recreation Field Renovation project to help bring football and other recreational activity back to the village.

Fenstanton Village Pond

The Mick George Group have supported Fenstanton Parish Council through the Mick George Community Fund with the restoration and improvement of the Village Pond, an area of important historical and community significance.

The project involved clearance and repair of the pond, repair and replacement of the bollards and fencing surrounding the area. The project also included the restocking of the fishpond, and the development of a planting management programme for the pond and the immediate area. A key objective was to increase the biodiversity of the area.

Renovating the village pond is part of the broader project to restore the historic centre of the Village. This includes regenerating the Clock Tower (old Geol) area, restoring the old village whipping post, creating a larger community space, putting in additional seating, tables, bins, as well as unveiling a World War 1 commemoration and providing a historical record of the area.

The Village Pond and its surrounds being repaired and renovated is making the area into a more widely used community area for the whole village to enjoy.

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