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Pea Shingle Near Me

Courtesy of our expansive network of owned quarries and large fleet, we’re able to deliver primary and recycled Pea Shingle quickly and efficiently to domestic, trade and commercial customers.


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Building & Decorative Materials

Building & Decorative Materials

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Pea Shingle Near Me

The Mick George Group are leading producers and suppliers of Pea Shingle. Whatever your volume requirement, or grading specification, rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Courtesy of our expansive network of owned quarries and large fleet of over 600 commercial vehicles, we’re able to deliver primary and recycled Pea Shingle quickly and efficiently to domestic, trade and commercial customers throughout Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire and Norfolk.

As well as traditional 8-wheel tippers, we also have 4 and 6-wheel variations, Hi-Ab’s and Articulated vehicles available, which means we can supply 1-30 tonnes of Pea Shingle at any one-time.

Our versatility not only ensures quicker availability of Pea Shingle, it also reduces part-load charges and permits us to overcome any access or space limitations specific to your site.

Readily available throughout the country, for delivery or collection. Nationwide delivery is available at an additional surcharge.

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What is Pea Shingle?

Pea Shingle is often confused for crushed stone, but these two aggregates are different. Crushed stone is typically larger than pea shingle, coarser to the touch, and is usually only available in shades of white or grey.

Pea shingle consists of small stones with rounded edges that have become smooth as a result of natural weathering. The stones are very small, usually only around 6-10mm, and come in a range of colour

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pea shingle near me

What is Pea Shingle Used For?

Pea Shingle can be used for a variety of different applications, and due to its low price is often a popular choice for creating driveways, walkways, patios and landscaping your garden, as an accessory to a flowed bed or similar.

It’s aesthetics, versatility, easy install and maintenance qualities make it very appealing to homeowners.

Generally, Pea Shingle is used for above-ground projects and applications

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pea shingle near me

Pea Shingle Bulk bags

Pea Shingle Bulk Bags are the perfect solution where space is limited, access is restricted or there is difficulty with manoeuvrability around the site.

Our handy 800kg Pea Shingle Bulk Bags are designed to overcome all of these issues and are the perfect solution for commercial, trade and domestic requirements.

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pea shingle near me bulk bags

Pea Shingle Loose loads

Our continued investment allows us to run a diverse fleet of different size tippers which enables us to deliver small loose loads of Pea Shingle, regardless of volume, in the most efficient manner.

Whether you’re a Builder, Landscaper, Groundworker, Farmer, Utility provider or a DIY enthusiast, our small loose load Pea Shingle service is perfect for all Aggregate projects.

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pea shingle near me loose loads

Pea Shingle Collection

Pea Shingle collections are incredibly simple and means that you no longer have to interrupt your working day with scheduled deliveries, and you’ll get our most competitive rates.

Our collection service is available from 14 separate operating facilities across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Norfolk; all of which supply Pea Shingle at reduced rates from the traditional charges applied for delivery.

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Pea Shingle Small bags

The same great Pea Shingle products, just in smaller bags! Our range of small 25kg and 50l Pea Shingle bags are great for those jobs where a bulk bag would be too much for your project requirements.

We stock a full range of Pea Shingle from building materials to decorative stone, soil & bark.

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Cheap Pea Shingle Prices

Several factors can effect the price of Pea Shingle but the main reason the Mick George Group can provide cheap Pea Shingle is because we produce it from our own quarries and distribute it through our own fleet.

Other factors influencing the price of Pea Shingle can be delivery method, location and volume.

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Pea Shingle Calculator

The calculator is intended to give a rough guide of the material needed
Volume required m3:
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Pea Shingle Collection


  • Pre book and collect at your convenience
  • On the spot service
  • No delivery delays
  • Pay by cash or add to your account
  • Our best rates guaranteed
  • No part loading charges or wastage
  • Large variety of materials


See Pea Shingle Collections See Pea Shingle Collections

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L4 Civils Ltd

L4 Civils Ltd

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The Mick George Group supply not only a first class product but also a first class service. The process from quotation to delivery is always seamless, highly recommended company for all your requirements.

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The Mick George Group are a very professional company, providing competitive prices and excellent service. Always a pleasure to deal with.

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