Yaxley RBL Social Club

Local residents that frequent Yaxley Royal British Legion Social Club will be glad to learn of some upgrades that have been completed at the venue thanks to a £15,000 grant from construction specialist, the Mick George Group.

The changes are instantly recognisable for all visiting the amenity. No longer will visitors have to dodge or avoid the multiple pot-holes, cracks or badly damaged asphalt in the car-park that has long been a cause of health and safety concerns for those using and managing the location.

Instead, they’ll be greeted with a smooth, flat surface that certainly provides a much more pleasant welcome to the facility.

Approaching its centenary year, the establishment is predominantly utilised for social and recreational purpose, but it is anticipated that the improvements will see an increase in the other health related services that are performed at the venue, these include; NHS portable mammograms, as well as blood donations.

Amy Fowles, Secretary at Yaxley Royal British Legion Social Club commented: ‘’The car-park is unrecognisable now, the transformation is amazing. Despite previous efforts to repair, the project is long overdue, so we’re very grateful to the Mick George Group for their contribution’’