Wittering Parish Hall

The village of Wittering and its population of 2,000 inhabitants have received an early Christmas present after the completion of a major refurbishment to the Parish Hall kitchen.

Following a £14,000 donation from local business The Mick George Group, the Parish Council has managed to install a modern kitchen that is befitting of the wide range of activities, gatherings and functions that the location hopes to host in the future - Slimming world, keep fit, yoga, and Women’s Institute sessions are just some of the groups that the venue hopes to attract.

The original 30-year-old kitchen was severely dilapidated, with work-surfaces, cupboard doors, splash-backs and appliances having all seen better days.

However, having been replaced with a newly designed amenity that features new units, electrical and gas appliances, as well as a non-slip floor, the previous servery is now a thing of the past.

Further investment is now planned to fit a new roof on the building.

Wittering Parish Hall

They said:

Gerry Crosbie, Councillor at Wittering Parish Council said: ‘’Since the modifications, there has been much more interest in the venue and we only anticipate that this will continue as awareness builds surrounding the Kitchen creation. We’re very grateful to the Mick George Group for their contribution.’’

Stuart Costello, Marketing Director at the Mick George Group commented: ‘’We recognise how important recreational destinations such as this are to a local community for social engagement, which is why we’re always happy to assist where possible.’’