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Ramsey Forty Foot: Speed Indicating Device

A year on since SID, a speed indicating device was installed in Cambridgeshire villages as a deterrent against reckless driving, and the scheme appears to have paid dividends with plans being formalised to roll-out the initiative further afield.

The initiative which was funded by local business Mick George Ltd as an extension of their innovative ‘Road Safety’ programme, saw the company combine with Community Roadwatch (UK) CIC in an attempt to overcome excessive speeding hot-spots that remain uncontrolled despite years of trying from other Police and Community arrangements.

Colne Road, Cambridgeshire which is inherently exposed to high volumes of domestic and commercial traffic, was one of the strategic locations where the SID had been utilised and the benefits have subsequently been reaped. After early figures revealed a decline of approximately 50% surpassing the legal speed limit, the longer-term results have seen a sustained decline of 5mph from drivers on the specified road.

Consequently, the SID’s demonstrable effectiveness has been the driving force behind the latest £20,000 venture in the village of Ramsey Forty Foot. The technology has been trialled in four locations along Ramsey Rd, to gather data and moderate the speed of drivers, and the persistent offences that were monitored proved invaluable in gaining funds from Ramsey Windfarm and the County Council to support the project.

The proposal was passed following a ‘lively’ and ‘challenging’ public meeting, in-front of 60 attending residents. The plan is to split the scheme in to two-sections which will effectively look at the South and North of Ramsey Rd. individually. At present, part-2 which will be the North segment is not fully subsidised.

The group’ leading the project are hoping to advance one step further, by introducing a ‘Data Logger’ that will complement the SID instrument. This apparatus sits passively and unobtrusively on a lamppost gathering information on each and every passing vehicle.

Perhaps less technologically sophisticated, but the visual display of Mick George branded 30mph bin stickers that lines the road of 120 residential bins, in conjunction with the striking signage sporadically position throughout the village, is certainly having a favourable influence too.

ramsey speed indicating device

They said:

Dave McCandless, Managing and Coordinating Director of Community Roadwatch (UK) CIC said: ‘’Our intention is education, rather than castigation. We genuinely believe that in most instances, it is a lack of appreciation for exceeding the speed limit, rather than deliberate behaviour. We anticipate that results in Ramsey Forty Foot will follow suit with those experienced elsewhere that the technology is employed.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The nature of our business means that we’re particularly visible on the road, in and around the county, and subsequently have an obligation and commitment to ensure the safety if local communities in which we operate. ‘’

Stump continued: ‘’We’re extremely pleased that the introduction of elements such as SID has had the desired effect, and hope to make further positive contributions in the future.‘’


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