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How to lay artificial turf

Learn how to lay your Mick George artificial turf in these simple steps…

How to lay artificial turf

Have you ever wondered how much time you would save not having to mow the lawn in the summer?

Mick George have an excellent range of artificial turf to really make your garden stand out this summer. Our artificial lawn is a great alternative to real grass, allowing you to enjoy summer days as well as making mowing, watering and weeding things of the past – giving you the perfect lawn all year round.

Learn how to lay your artificial turf in these simple steps..

Step 1: Plan and clear the area – Before starting your project, plan out the area to be covered. Ensure that any cables and water pipes are below the digging depth so you don’t damage anything when digging up the current turf!

Remove the turf to a depth of 2″ using a turf cutter or spade and remove any large stones, bricks, or other obstructions. Lay down any type of type 1 stone base.

Step 2: Create an edge – Next, you need to install an edging system. Knock the edging into the soil with a hammer and piece of wood, leaving around 3cm exposed.

Step 3: Lay the base – Apply around 6mm of granite dust or sharp sand where granite is not an option. Use a piece of timber to drag the sand or dust across the application area to provide that perfectly smooth surface. If using sand, the depth should not be more than 20mm. Use hardcore to level out larger imperfections (i.e. over 20mm) before applying sand.

Step 4:  Apply weed membrane – Once the base is compacted, apply weed membrane to the area and secure in position with 4 inch galvanised steel nails every 0.75m around the perimeter. This will prevent weed growth whilst still allowing water drainage to stop water collecting on the surface. Trim off any waste membrane from the edges. If any joining is needed, overlap the edges then attach them with gaffer tape.

Step 5: Lay the artificial grass and trim edges – Unroll the artificial turf over the area, being careful to not move the weed membrane. Having the pile direction running toward the house will give the best look from the windows of the house. Once expertly positioned, trim the excess artificial turf. We recommend changing blades every 3-5 metres to ensure the blade stays sharp enough, but this all depends on what knife you use.

Step 6: Add finishing touches – To add those finishing touches, apply kiln sand to the turf. This can be done using a blower and stiff brush or a lawn fertiliser spreader. We recommend around 6-8kg of sand per square metre of product. This step is vital to ensure you give the most natural-looking finish.  The sand dressing should be done on a dry day and the same day as the lawn installation.

Materials Required

Mick’s Handy Tips:

Why not supplement your beautiful new artificial turf with some of Mick George’s finest garden furniture to really compliment your garden this summer.

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