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Building an outdoor bar

Learn how to build an outdoor bar by following these simple steps…

How to build an outdoor bar for your garden

A garden bar with a sleek, smooth concrete countertop that requires no specialist DIY skills? Yes it’s possible!

Whether your hosting a summer BBQ or just having a few drinks in the evening sun, an outdoor bar provides a welcome surface for drinks and food and sets the scene for an outdoor living area.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time build that garden bar that will provide years of entertaining pleasure.

1 – Concrete Blocks

Mortaring bricks or blocks in place is extremely hard labour, and most of the time it’s a job better left to the pros. Luckily, this outdoor bar doesn’t require any mortar. Instead,  we recommend you get regular concrete blocks and dry-stack to form the body of the bar, then solidify the structure with plaster.

This construction opens a range of design possibilities—you can build your bar in a rectangle, an L-shape, a U-shape, or any shape that complements the layout of your garden area. It’s entirely in your hands as to what shape you would like it to be.

Lay the blocks on a level concrete slab, making sure to start on a perfectly level surface before you start building. Uneven areas on an existing concrete slab can throw the entire bar out of balance.

For strength purposes, don’t place blocks directly over blocks, with the joints aligned. Instead, stagger the joints on each successive course of blocks in a running bond pattern.

Make sure to fill the entire base with blocks. Since no mortar is used, the bar gets its structural stability from its solid block base. Avoid placing blocks only along the exterior walls of the base and leaving the inside area empty.

Tap the blocks into place into place when necessary to make the sides of the wall even, we recommend using a rubber hammer instead of a regular hammer to avoid damage.

2 – Plastered finish

After building the base of your outdoor bar from blocks, it’s important to apply a durable coat of plaster over the whole bar.

3 – Concrete Countertop

After building the base of your outdoor bar from blocks, all that lies between your garden bar is creating and installing the concrete countertop. Since a countertop should be strong, smooth, and beautiful, using our concrete is a must!

Concrete is extremely heavy, so don’t attempt to pour a large countertop in one piece. Instead, mix and pour it in sections, each about two feet wide. Also, make sure you don’t skimp on mixing time. This mix needs a full five minutes to ensure all ingredients are thoroughly blended.

After pouring the sections, make sure to give them at least 18 hours to cure before removing the forms and sanding the rough edges of the countertop.

Materials Required

Skip / Concrete

Mick’s Handy Tips:

Why not supplement your beautiful new Garden bar with brand-new Decking or paving to really give your garden bar that beer garden feeling!

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