Collingtree Playground

Albeit out of use at the present time, once some degree of normality resumes and recreational facilities are open again, the younger residents of Collingtree Village, Northampton will have a new amenity to enjoy.

Owing largely to a previously agreed £12,093 grant from local construction specialist the Mick George Group, a series of upgrades have taken place at the playground located on Watering Lane, Collingtree which includes installation of new equipment, seating, landscaping and improved access to the site.

The most notable additions to the destination are two play towers, a cable wire, springer and basket swing, all of which will complement the existing swings, slide, trail and basketball net.

Despite being recognised as a family centric village, the Park in its previous design was particularly underutilised. It’s anticipated that the new layout will overcome such issues, providing a location that will encourage wider social engagement and inclusion for children of all ages, in a safe environment.

The population of the nearby vicinity is expected to grow by almost 300% courtesy of various private and social housing developments that are in the pipeline, so the Playground renovation represents one part of a wider plan to revitalise the area to satisfy some demands placed on nearby infrastructure.

Shirley Wong, Clerk / Financial Officer at Collingtree Parish Council commented: ‘’The playground forms part of the wider recreational facility and is an integral part of encouraging social interaction from the local community. Some of the new features facilitate the opportunity to appreciate nature in a fun and imaginative way, while other sections will certainly aid physical development. We’re very grateful to the Mick George Group for their contribution.’’