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Asbestos Floor Tiles

Asbestos floor tiles can often be found in older properties under carpets, or used as a material in old vinyl flooring. Contact our experts at the Mick George Group for removal of Asbestos Floor Tiles.

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Asbestos Floor Tiles

Asbestos was once a very popular and versatile material used in many applications, including floor tiles. Its strength and heat resistance is what made asbestos a common choice for flooring before the hazardous nature of the material was discovered. Asbestos floor tiles can often be found in older properties under carpets, or used as a material in old vinyl flooring.

Asbestos floor tiles are considered to be relatively safe unless there are plans to remove the flooring. It is difficult to tell if floor tiles contain Asbestos just from looking, so a professional opinion is always advised. If there are Asbestos floor tiles in your property but they are safely intact, no or little action may be required. However, if the Asbestos tiles are crumbling or damaged, they must be carefully removed to avoid asbestos exposure. If you have discovered damaged Asbestos floor tiling or are planning construction or renovation work and you suspect there may be Asbestos tiles in your commercial or residential property, it must always be handled by a trained professional.


The Mick George Group are fully licensed to survey and remove Asbestos in flooring, giving you a complete and comprehensive service. We will complete a full survey and risk assessment to identify the presence and extent of Asbestos flooring, and will use our findings to advise on the safest way to proceed. This could be removing Asbestos floor tiles entirely, or encapsulating the Asbestos floor tile with a special coating to protect and seal in any dangerous fibres.

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Discovering Asbestos flooring in your home or commercial property can be worrisome. If you have concerns about Asbestos, The Mick George Group can provide you with a professional service, and invaluable peace of mind. We will help you to understand the extent and potential risks of Asbestos in flooring and will take you through every step of removal to ensure the highest level of safety.

When removing Asbestos floor tiles, our highly trained professionals seal off the area to avoid any contamination. If deemed necessary, air monitoring practices may be employed to guarantee that the area is safe for reoccupation once the Asbestos has been removed. All removed Asbestos tiles will be double-bagged, sealed and safely labelled, handled and disposed of at our licensed waste disposal site.

Mick George Environmental is fully accredited by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and ARCA – the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association.

With all services in-house, our highly skilled and experienced team can provide a ‘start to finish’ service, saving you time and money.

Got any questions? Head on over to our Asbestos FAQs and find your answer. If not then contact our expert team using the contact form.

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