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5 Topsoil uses for your garden

Topsoil can be used in a variety of ways to improve the overall health and quality of your garden and lawn.

5 Topsoil uses to consider for your garden

When it comes to looking after your garden, it’s important to have the right products to get the job done in the best way possible. Perhaps the most essential and underrated product you need for your garden, is topsoil. Topsoil can be used in a number of different ways to improve the overall health and quality of your garden and lawn.

Here’s our top 5 topsoil uses to consider in making the perfect garden…

1 – Fixing uneven and patchy lawns

It’s not uncommon to notice patches of your lawn where grass isn’t growing well. This can be down to a number of different factors, you may even notice areas of your garden that are not quite level. Topsoil can be a great remedy for both of these issues.

To grow healthy grass, simply spread topsoil across the area that is struggling so it is around 1 inch in depth. Then evenly distribute grass seed into the soil to combine and then importantly water the area daily.

To fix areas of your garden that are uneven, spread your topsoil so it is a couple of inches deep and then level the area using a levelling tool and care for it as normal. The grass underneath will grow through and eventually the lawn will look level as you want it to be!

2 – Taking care of your flower beds

Plants and flowers draw their nutrients for growth from the ground they live grow in. However, it’s often necessary to replenish these nutrients, especially if your garden endured a long frosty winter or you live in an area with nutrient lacking soil. One of the easiest ways to replenish the nutrients that your plants need so much is through a fresh layer of topsoil. To incorporate new topsoil into your existing flower beds, evenly spread the soil across the flower bed to combine the old soil with the fresh, new topsoil. Finish by adding a final layer of topsoil to the top of the bed. Once your plants have taken root and are growing nicely in the soil, remember to top off your garden with some mulch.

3 – Improving drainage

If you’re noticing puddles of water in your garden, then it’s probably a sign that your soil is struggling with drainage issues and it’s probably time for some more topsoil! Drainage issues often occur when soil is densely packed, and water is unable to seep down into the soil, or when you have a soil consistency that is largely clay based. To improve drainage, add topsoil to the affected area until the new and old soils are mixed together until it’s about 12 inches in depth. This will help break up the densely packed soil and improve the circulation and drainage around the roots of your favourite plants!

4 – Bringing your garden to life

If you’re looking to create a whole new garden design from scratch in an area of your garden that is currently covered in lawn, you will definitely need to make sure you have some topsoil on hand. The options are endless, and the process can be very straightforward.

Simply determine where you would like your new flower beds to be and cover this area with several layers of newspaper (don’t worry, it will decompose!). Spread a few inches of topsoil mixed with compost over the newspaper and add water. In just a couple of months, the newspaper and grass beneath will decompose, and the area will be ready for plant life. Next plant the new flowers and shrubs that you want to spruce up your garden with and in no time your garden will be looking exactly as you want it!

5 – Refresh the appearance of your garden

Adding new topsoil to a space can instantly refresh the look of your garden. Nutrients and organic matter give topsoil its rich dark colour that you will see in your favourite garden design photos, but a long winter and unfavourable weather can strip the soil of all this organic matter resulting in a more dull, worn look. Simply add a fresh layer of topsoil to any area of your garden to instantly enhance the overall appearance and make your garden ready for visitors!

If you need to pick some new topsoil to add to your garden, simply head over to our online store where you can order in 850kg Bulk Bags or in larger volumes through our loose load service. Don’t forget to take a look at our decorative stone and other landscaping products so you can pick up everything you need to refresh your garden or complete that DIY project all in one place!

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