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Young Ideas Factory

Extravagant lifestyles, increasing house prices and growing populations are just a flavour of some of the reasons why now, more than ever, significant pressure is being exerted on school leavers to find careers that will suitably equip them for the ‘bumpy’ ride that lies ahead in life.

Especially, when you factor in that fewer people are turning to University as a result of enhanced fee’s, and changes in regulations that enforce a statuary age of 18 before leaving education.

All well and good, but question marks still exist as to whether these youngsters are gaining the appropriate exposure to working environments, and more importantly the necessary skillsets that will benefit in an everyday working routine. Work experience schemes do exist, but are they provided too late in a student’s development and preparation for future career aspirations?

Looking to rectify that dilemma is local business, Mick George Ltd and education provider, Longsands Academy. They’ve taken it upon themselves to create an initiative that will undoubtedly prepare students for working life, with their ‘Young Ideas Factory’ concept.

The principle objective of the scheme is for groups of Children to develop a business concept, assign roles and responsibilities, and then physically operate said ideas over a sustained period of time.

The two parties have collaborated, with 300 pupils due to participate in the programme. The Year 8’ inter-form competition will see 10 forms of 30 children deliver their ideas to their peers within the school community.

Each form will be provided with a £50 budget to kick start their business model, and will be provided with mentoring and workshops from departmental managers at Mick George Ltd, to advise the best Finance, Marketing, Sales and Logistic techniques, to ensure their business idea achieves.

In a similar vein to the existing ‘work experience’ model which is traditionally exposed to older students, the ‘Young Ideas Factory’ is sought to help inspire the next generation of enterprising young people in a more interactive way than previously witnessed.

At completion of the campaign in June, outstanding individual and group efforts will be recognised by a panel of judges from Longsands Academy and Mick George Ltd, with trips to Kidzania, London, and Ipad’s being presented. Any ‘profits’ acquired through the scheme will be donated to a selected charity.

The ‘Young Ideas Factory’ is an extension to a scheme which Mick George Ltd already functions and has proved its credentials, encouraging budding entrepreneurs of any demographic to come forward with their business proposals. Of which, a Telecoms and Facility Management pitch respectively, have each been developed and incorporated within the growing portfolio of provisions available from Mick George Ltd.

Whilst the format resembles the hit TV show Dragons Den, it will be much more of a nurturing process, opposed to the hard-hitting tactics observed on our screens. And who knows, we may even find the next Levi Roots lurking within our region…….

young ideas factory

They said:

Mrs. K Martindale, Head of Careers at Longsands Academy said: ‘’We are very excited about this project. We hope that it will give all of our students the chance identify their strengths and weaknesses, and develop their employability and enterprise skills.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The Young Ideas Factory presents a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to engage in different activities that will be more commonly utilised in pursuit of a career. We hope that with our assistance and experience from an employer’s perspective, that we can offer significant insight and real benefit to the initiative.’’


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