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Young Ideas Factory

The Young Ideas Factory is an initiative sponsored by local company Mick George Ltd, to support enterprise education at Longsands Academy.

Aimed at developing pupil's personal and business skills and inspiring our next generation of enterprising young people, the inter-form competition will see pupils developing business ideas and forming their own trading companies.

young ideas factory
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Pupils will pitch different ideas for a micro business to be operated within the school community to their peers.

Each form will choose one idea to bring to market and will then work together as one group. They will form a company model, make their own plans, set their own goals and assign roles.

Parents and carers can also get involved. Why not join the children in:

- Brainstorming: different business ideas

- Reference: explore different businesses that you're both familiar with

- Demand: assess what makes a business successful and how needs are met

- Teamwork: discuss your current role and how you interact and contribute towards others

- Organisation: explain the importance of planning

Each company will have a £50 start-up fund provided from Mick George Ltd. who will also be providing all the prizes and supporting students throughout with resources and mentoring from some of their key personnel.

Any and all profits generated will be combined and donated to one single charity, as chosen by the winning form.

Prizes will recognise group and individual perfomances and will be awarded by a panel of Young Ideas Factory judges, comprising staff from both Longsands and Mick George Ltd.

- Best Company: The company that has been judged to have performed best (and not solely based on the profits generated) will win a trip to KidZania in London, courtesy of Mick George Ltd.

- Best Individual: Each form will choose an individual they feel has contributed most or who's efforts have made a difference. Judges will select one winner from the 10 candidates nominated to receive an iPad Mini, courtesy of Mick George Ltd.

Mick George Ltd is one of the regions major business success stories.

The company started out with just one man and a tipper truck in 1978 and has since become a leading supplier to the UK Construction Industry. Through continued investment, diversification and at times sheer determination, the portfolio of services now available from Mick George Ltd has significantly expanded.

As well as funding the competition, key personnel from Mick George Ltd will be helping to mentor and providing valuable insights into their roles, activities and operations of a local multi-million pound business that developed from very humble beginnings, with a view to inspiring the pupils that are participating.


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