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Yardley Gobion Recreation Centre

The quaint village of Yardley Gobion, located to the South of Northamptonshire has been the recent beneficiary of a substantial £20,000 grant from local business Mick George Ltd, that has permitted the installation of a new roof structure to the popular Recreation Centre.

The facility which attracts approximately 9,000 users annually and has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, was in desperate need of repair, given its neglect since the premises was built some 27 years ago by local residents in the village.

The deterioration of the roof coating was clearly visible for all to see, and since a detailed assessment that was conducted back in 2015, the Parish Council has been seeking assistance to prevent further issues arising.

Without maintenance, it was anticipated that the buildings Steel structure would become susceptible to inclement weather conditions, which would make the facility untenable. The repairs are expected to safeguard the longevity of the premises use for another 15 – 20 years.

The Recreation Centre itself is considered a focal-point of the local community, supporting a whole host of activities and social gatherings. These include; senior and youth football, bowls, badminton, table tennis and ballet, to a wide-ranging demographics.

It is also the setting for pre-and-post school clubs, weddings, parties and charity fundraising occasions, for which the location has in previous times been critical in raising several-thousands-of-pounds for the nearby Willen Hospice.

The village is home to a population estimated around 1,400 people, and is located off the busy A508 commuter route between the expanding Towcester region and town of Milton Keynes. The improvements will be a timely boost, as visitors from the immediate surrounding are expected for the forthcoming Bonfire and Christmas celebrations, that the site will be hosting.

Yardley Gobion Recreation Centre

They said:

Roland Tilling, Trustee of Yardley Gobion Recreational Centre said: ‘’These refurbishments could have only been completed with the assistance of funding from an external partner, so we are particularly grateful to Mick George Ltd for their assistance.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’It is envisaged that we will have a new site opening in the early part of 2018, in close proximity to Yardley Gobion. This assistance is just an initial indication of the many benefits we hope to bring to the local community. We hope it can be the start of a positive relationship.’’


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