Project Facts

Service: Telecoms
Project: Hosted Phone Solution - 14 Users
Location: Sandy, Bedfordshire
Client: Watertrain
Value:£10,000 - 5 years


Watertrain has been the leading provider of apprenticeships and other qualifications to the water utility sector since 2007.

Watertrain sees its role as helping employers find effective solutions to immediate training needs and longer term staff development – whether through knowledge and/or competency qualifications or bespoke training interventions.

Watertrain are experts in the development of nationally accredited qualifications that have been designed and written following consultation with sector employers to ensure that the resultant qualification is fit for purpose and meets their organisational needs.


• Watertrain already had a VoIP solution in place but it had come to the end of its contract term. Mick George Telecoms could not only provide a more modern, feature rich solution but at a cheaper price than Watertrain were previously paying.

• Watertrain operate over multiple sites. Having hosted phone technology is perfect for this situation as all offices/remote workers can collaborate and communicate very effectively.

• The Mick George Telecoms soft client is proving to be a big hit. This is something that was not part of the old VoIP solution. All users have the phone solution on there PC’s. tablet, laptop and mobile phone. Unified Communications is a key feature in the Mick George Telecoms offering. No matter where you are, anywhere in the world or what device you are using, you are still part of the phone solution. You have the ability to make/receive/transfer calls just as if you were in the office.


Our new Telecoms solution is far superior to our previous telephone system, allowing multiple calls in and out simultaneously. With the headsets we can now call hands free, extremely useful when retrieving files and making the necessary notes. We have taken advantage of the in-house training offered, this was very helpful in allowing us to access the full benefits of the system. We are all very satisfied with the new system, it fully meets our requirements and allows DRBS East to continue to provide the excellent service our clients have come to expect.
David Russo, Managing Director, DRBS East

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