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Water Harvesting System

A popular music venue in Wavendon, Milton Keynes has taken drastic steps to improve its environmental impact thanks to a donation of £32,000 from local construction firm Mick George Ltd which has permitted a new water harvesting system to be installed.

The Stables, which is operated by Wavendon Allmusic Plan Ltd has invested a total of £47,000 following concerns that were raised from audiences, artists, staff and volunteers, as to the sustainability of the location.

The move was prompted by a 3% increase in CO2 emissions in 2017/2018 which followed a 28% decrease in the 5-year period prior.

The new facility will allow the ability to direct water from the extensive roof of The Stables building to the toilets, external watering system, and other cleaning amenities.

Attracting more than 100,000 visitors and 2,000 artists per annum, The Stables currently has a water consumption of 2,200m3 from their 20 toilet cubicles alone. It is envisaged that the new system will reduce those figures to nearer circa 1,000m3.

In its entirety, the site is expected to diminish water usage by as much as 40%.

The area where the tank has been positioned will be screened by a Wildflower Garden creating a nature barrier and will be cared for by the hundreds of volunteers involved with the charity.

Already plans are being formulated for further improvements at the venue, with the Arts Council backing a ‘front of house’ refurbishment.

water harvesting scheme

They said:

Lucy Davies, Executive Director at The Stables said: ‘’We’re committed to improving our environmental credentials and our new watering system will certainly contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. We’re delighted that Mick George Ltd recognised the importance of the project and supported our venture.’’

Stuart Costello, Marketing Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’As a business that continues to invest significant amounts in resources to divert waste away from Landfill, this was a project that we were proud to support.’’

Costello continued: ‘’It’s good to see likeminded organisations embracing renewable energies within their operations as the benefits are clear to see and will be witnessed for many generations to come.’’


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