Landfill Diversion Rates

Clients can view our Landfill Diversion Rates across all Mick George sites by downloading the attached reports.

Current Monthly Report:

Waste Reports

Historic Monthly Reports:


Our aim is to divert 100% of waste collected from landfill and feed it back into the production cycle. We further minimise the environmental impact of landfill waste by using the gas produced from biodegradation for energy. The waste hierarchy is at the heart of all our operations to recover the maximum value from waste by adopting the most cost efficient and effective methods.

Waste Hierachy

Recycling Centre

Every company is looking for a more cost effective way to deal with waste and with more than 40 years experience and a network of recycling facilities, Mick George Ltd can help you do just that and can provide you with a fully verifiable 100% landfill diversion option for all your waste.

Our state of the art recycling facility in Cambridgeshire, helps increase our waste capacity and improve recycling rates for our customers. It helps organisations just like you streamline your waste and recycling activities, and reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill, providing cost savings.

Waste Hierachy