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Batteries Waste Disposal

The Mick George Group collect, segregate and manage Waste Electrical and Electronic equipment (WEEE) such as Batteries to safeguard against potentially harmful materials contaminating other waste streams, saving you additional landfill charges.

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Batteries Waste Disposal

Batteries of any size should always be disposed of correctly, including regular household batteries and the bigger specialised batteries from inside electronics. Batteries can be recycled but shouldn’t be put in household waste and cannot be mixed in with regular home recycling like paper and plastic.

All batteries count as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment or WEEE and must be disposed of correctly by a specialist service. If batteries are thrown away in household waste, they can pose a fire hazard. The majority of batteries contain harmful heavy metals like lead, mercury and lithium that can be very toxic and harmful to the environment, animals and human life. These substances can contaminate soil and water if batteries end up in landfill and so it’s always safest to have batteries properly recycled.

If you’re not sure how to dispose of batteries correctly and want to prevent your batteries from going to landfill and potentially causing harm, The Mick George Group’s waste management services can safely recycle WEEE waste such as household batteries and batteries from electrical devices such as phones. We guarantee that your expired batteries will be safely disposed of according to regulations to minimise environmental impact.


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Our qualified Technical Waste Assessors can visit your site (if necessary) and complete a comprehensive waste audit free of charge.

They will evaluate your business processes and review what waste is being produced and where, and then make recommendations on how to correctly store your waste, reduce the costs associated with hazardous waste disposal, improve operational efficiencies and provide better environmental credentials.

Waste Service Enquiry Form

Fletcher Plant

Waste Management

We have worked with the Mick George Group on a number or projects and always been offered excellent service and competitive pricing. Their customer service team are always on hand to help with any issues and are extremely friendly and easy to deal with. Finally, their state-of-the-art facilities situated throughout the UK mean that all your waste is dealt with in a compliant and ‘eco-friendly’ manner.

Morgan Sindall

Waste Management

We find the Mick George Group very easy to deal with, their customer service is always great and their quick turnaround times on exchanges, keeps our sites running smoothly. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Go Green

Waste Management

We have always received a reliable and professional Waste Management service. They help to provide modern, forward-thinking and sustainable Waste Management processes which are vital in our constantly evolving industry. We would highly recommend the Mick George Group to anyone requiring a fully compliant Waste Management service.

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