Waste Collections just like the ‘good-old days’…..

Domestic Waste Collections

Once-upon-a-time homeowners didn’t have to worry about rubbish building up around their households, or making space for numerous bins, let alone segmenting their own waste types. And for the 2.5million first-time buyers in the UK that have entered the housing market in the last decade, they won’t know any different.

But rest assured the older generations who do remember how residential waste was previously managed, would probably welcome it back in a heartbeat. Yet, without negotiation, the Council introduced bi-weekly collections, and multiple bins.

The principal reasoning behind the change, was and still remains for the greater-good, to achieve environmental benefits, but unfortunately that wasn’t the sole dependency for the changes, with cost and efficiency motives leading the initiative to reduce waste collections for many operators. That said, there was no ‘opt-out’ offering to this service, should you wish.

So, if environmental advantages could be accomplished in conjunction with the return of weekly collections, and just one household bin, all would be in favor, right? Especially, if that could be achieved cheaper than current charges incurred within your monthly Council Tax bill.

Surely everyone’s a winner. Local Councils have publically announced the financial pressures associated with the residential waste service, which has subsequently lead to increased fly-tipping. So in effect, if someone else was collecting and reducing the waste they would normally accumulate, then their Landfill Tax would depreciate.

Well, the impossible just became possible. Local Waste Management business Mick George Ltd, has extended its commercial based operations to do just that, with residential properties now incorporated within its distribution routes.

The service will not affect traditional Council collections, but will most definitely compliment it. The aim is to mirror existing collection schedules, so that in effect any household that requires additional collections, receives it at a convenient interval.

The service is more bespoke to specific customer requirements than that rolled out as standard by Councils across the country, with customers able to select bin sizes, preferential collection dates and frequency as part of the offering. Importantly, there will only be one bin type available, catering for all waste types. In effect, Mick George Ltd will take the hassle of segregating your waste for you, just like the ‘good-old-days’, ensuring landfill diversion for the majority.

The offering does come at a small cost, with monthly or annual payment options available, but one that many are likely to deem more than worthwhile given the attributed benefits.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The Commercial Waste service has established itself as one of the business’s core offerings in the last 18 months, and the professionalism we’ve delivered has been rewarded with high-profile contracts and award recognition.’’

Stump continued: ‘’For this reason, expanding in to the B2C market with this service is a natural progression. With our Skip, Concrete and Aggregate offering, we’re already well versed in supplying residential customers with a first-class service, and our intentions do not change with this provision.‘’

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