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Has your business considered the effect of employee isolation?

The worldwide economy is already feeling the significant impact that is being caused by COVID-19 virus, and with some countries implementing mandatory lockdown of schools, public amenities and commercial workplaces, it raises the question as to whether your business is suitably prepared should the UK follow suit?

One of the immediate threats posed by ‘Coronavirus’ (COVID-19) to business operators will come in the form of travel restrictions, preventing staff from accessing their normal working environments. Subsequently, ‘remote-working’ maybe the only option, but only if your business supports the ability to do so.

That’s where we can help. Mick George Telecoms as your local IT systems specialist can ensure that you’re appropriately equipped to deal with such situations, somewhat futureproofing your business in any and all cases of emergency.

Our Unified Communications offering will safeguard your business, permitting everyday functions to continue as normal.

Unified Communications is the term used to describe the integration of various communication tools, enabling users to communicate in a more flexible and intuitive way than ever before – as such, UC is often credited with increased employee productivity and improving collaboration.

Our Unified Communications package allows employees and customers to stay in contact regardless of location, utilising the same technologies and channels, they always have without disruption.

Your phone system is accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, whether you’re utilising a PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone. More impressively, the solution can be configured to display the same details that it always would, so internal or external recipients would never know the difference, or your whereabouts.

Unified Communications supports users moving from one mode of communication to another within the same session. For example, a user may start communicating via email but then decide to escalate the interaction to real-time communication, transitioning the session to voice call with one click and then to a video conference with another click, without disturbance.

Make sure your business is prepared for all eventualities. For more information, a no-obligation quotation or to speak with one of our technical experts for more advice, please click here or call 0800 011 6559.

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