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Mick George TV Advert

You would be forgiven in believing that ‘Marketing’ is not usually of prime concern to those associated with the Construction sector. However, Mick George Ltd certainly defy that theory, and with good reason when you witness the phenomenal growth rates that the business is achieving.

A justified strategy, and one that the company continues to invest heavily in. Last year, Mick George Ltd launched a new retail offering which was supported by a fully integrated campaign across all media channels, including Adsmart TV.

This time around, they’ve gone one step further and ventured in to mainstream, terrestrial TV, with a heavy schedule that will see the business gaining exposure to millions of viewers, throughout the East Midlands and East Anglia.

Featured within commercial ad-breaks of popular programmes such as, Soaps, ‘Emmerdale’ and ‘Coronation Street’, quiz shows like ‘The Chase’ and reality blockbusters, including ‘Britains Got Talent’, suggests further exciting times lay ahead for the organisation.

The first viewing will be Thursday 1st June, 19.28pm, following Emmerdale. Tune in!

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The campaign is aligned with the recent launch of a new website, now that the business has become more established in the retails market. Quickly becoming the ‘go to brand’ for Home and Garden related products, the businesses prior experience in the B2C market, predominantly with building materials and skip hire, is paying dividends.

The theme of ‘variety’ is clearly expressed throughout the advert. No longer will you be excused for confining Mick George Ltd within the Construction bracket. Bedroom, bathroom, garden, you name it, they do it. Even installations are covered.

In addition to the 1000’s of new products available, Mick George Ltd have successfully managed to incorporate various other desirable components within its offering to residential customers, that have helped build confidence in the brand. These include next-day delivery, flexible payment options, and an E-commerce based digital platform.

mick george tv advert

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director of Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The retail provision is one we still remain fairly new too, but we recognise that in an extremely competitive and evolving environment we need to be proactive in our approach.’’

Stump continued: ‘’Marketing is something as a business we have always significantly invested, and believe it has assisted us to the success we’ve accomplished in the Construction sector in which we’re more commonly known at present. Our objective is to give customers what they want, in a style and quality that we’re proud of, regardless of product or service type.’’


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