Trade Sales Department

No one likes to be the forgotten man, but it seems the way of the world that commercial business operators naturally gravitate towards the ‘larger’ more established organisations when offering preferential treatment for its services. Thus, taking for granted those who have been a major contributor in progressing an industry or market.

Nowhere is it more apparent than in the Construction Industry where an association with high-profile contractors seems the be-all and end-all for many service suppliers, principally to have some association with glamorous development works that are likely to reside within their portfolio.

All well and good. But the savvier companies within the industry would recognise that to achieve sustainably, close relations are required with commercial, trade and residential operators to generate a balance of work that is likely to form some longevity.

Following such a mantra, Mick George Ltd intentionally separates the respective audiences when considering its brand offering. Don’t get me wrong, their Commercial department is thriving and a core asset, but they’ve also managed to keep ‘hold of the reigns’ on the other areas too.

To that end, the business has decided to advance that strategy one-step-further with the development of a dedicated ‘Trade Sales’ division.

Recognising that times have changed and in such a competitive market, no longer is it acceptable to sit back and expect clients to navigate their way to you. The team’ has made it their business to find you, build relations and delve a little deeper in to what exactly it is that you require.

Quite literally. This isn’t an outbound, cold-calling quest, it’s a much more personal mission to improve all aspects of service for tradesmen. The team’ will be out and about on the counties roads, in a Max and Paddy – Road to nowhere’ type fashion.

The only difference here, is that the end destinations are most certainly familiar.

As with everything, the sheer volume and type of solutions available regardless of discipline has evolved and it’s the task of the Trade division to make that known, especially if it reaps financial and time savings to the client.

Beyond that, it is all about service and ensuring that Tradesmen are receiving exactly what they want, when they want it, whether that be Concrete, Skip Hire, Aggregates or any number of DIY related products from their online retail platform.

trade sales department


An adventurous crusade I hear you shriek! Step forward the man to make it happen – Rob Young. Ok, so his ‘History’ degree at Cambridge University might not be the default route in to the industry traditionally, nor his interest in Reading and Badminton. But as we all know, opposites attract.

In his fourth year at Mick George Ltd, Rob has delivered a whole array of services to single tradesman, right through to multi-million-pound developments for commercial clients that have shaped the Cambridgeshire city-scape.

Much like Rob’s dream of driving across all 50 American states, he is determined to transfer his talents in to the new role, which will only prove beneficial for tradesmen.

Although his background may not initially lend itself to the industry on first glance, it is in fact the driving force for his success and what is likely to ensure the mission in question follows suit. The vast contrast from his previous encounters and the meritocracy that exists within the industry is the appealing factor for Rob.

It would be slightly unfair for us to portray Rob as a total misfit though. Some of his tendencies are firmly aligned with that we would construe to match the idyllic or stereotyped tradesman.

Some say Rob is a little reminiscent of Freddie Flintoff, not only in stature, but his passion for Cricket is extended to his desire to conquer every pub in Cambridgeshire, which is quickly progressing. An achievement befitting of the ‘Barmy Army’.

Also, his tenacity in overcoming the challenge of fellow Construction company Vinci in a six-a-side football game was a joy to behold.

One thing is for sure, Rob’s enthusiasm for the challenge ahead will ultimately bring success to the venture, which contradicts what is being accomplished in the ‘Big Smoke’ by Rob’s other love, Arsenal FC. He is resolute not to follow in Arsene’s footsteps, and make this a drawn-out process.