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It may look like another routine day at work for Mick George Ltd on the current RAF Brampton development, in which a new residential area is being constructed. One thing for sure, is it’s likely to be a safer and more efficient site now, due to the arrival of the Cat 963k, with exclusive and innovative safety features installed, only the second in the UK.

Serious accident rates and fatalities in the construction industry still remain to high and Mick George Ltd are doing all they can to combat that trend. Specific attention is on eliminating driver blind spots and utilising the GPS technology that is available to overcome this.

One system that Mick George Ltd has embraced to prevent accidents on site is Optronics 360, the world’s first 360’ degree surround view camera system for industrial and commercial vehicles. The system utilises dynamic wide range cameras to cover all vehicle blind spots.

The sophisticated Electronic Control Unit (ECU) processes large amounts of data, filters through vision mapping software before cleverly ‘stitching’ these images together to display a composite all round bird’s eye view on the internal monitor screen. The output is bespoke for each type of vehicle and surrounding, ensuring maximum 360’ degree driver vision and increased safety for all within the vicinity.

Recognising the competitive market in which the business operates, Mick George Ltd has also introduced Topcon Laser Levelling to their equipment, improving efficiencies throughout, predominantly focusing on bulk earthworks, compacting and finished grading provisions in which the company specialises. This technology enables contractors to effectively finish faster and more accurately than ever before, by streamlining processes and taking care of many of the complex works.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd. commented ‘’As a business we set ourselves high targets and strive for excellence. In order to achieve, we appreciate we have to remain competitive and continually evolve, and take advantage of the technologies that are now available. Investment in all areas of the business, from office premises, to fleet or machinery is something we encourage if it advances our current product or service provision.’’

Stump continued: ‘’Likewise, we recognise that we have a responsibility to our employees, and, or any other personnel connected with the business, whether that is on site or out in the community. The safety features added to the machinery is an extension of the on-going initiatives we are involved, to improve safety and awareness within the industry.’’

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