Laying Topsoil

Dress to Impress – Topsoil tips to improve your Lawn

A nice, thick lawn requires healthy soil at its base. If your grass is already established but in need of urgent attention then Mick George Topsoil is the solution you require. Over time the soil texture, appearance and health of your turf will significantly improve.

‘Top-dressing’ is a process of adding a thin layer of soil over your lawn without damaging the existing turf. This will overcome a host of problems including, uneven terrain, growth discrepancies or nutrients depletion.

The quality of the Topsoil you use will determine the results. Often construction sites can be a fantastic source of premium Topsoil. Note that imported Topsoil can cause invasive plants and weeds such as Japanese Knotweed.

laying topsoil
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    Screened Topsoil
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