Tonic Health Charity

Spalding based Tonic Health charity who were the fortunate beneficiary of a substantial grant to the value of £11,199 from local business Mick George Ltd late in 2017, have acted quickly in their pursuit of improved premises.

Just four-months on and much needed refurbishment works have been completed to their popular health and wellbeing facility, providing remedy for the ageing condition of the building and the inadequate fixtures and fittings that reside within.

Since the group’ relocated to their current premises back in 2015 to facilitate the expansion of the complimentary therapy clinics available, one of the principle causes of concern among users was the evident lack of sufficient heat that is prevalent in the building.

Previously, any source of warmth was transmitted from costly and inefficient ‘antiqued night-storage heaters’, which as you can imagine aren’t the best for achieving suitable temperatures at this time of year, not helped by the 4m high ceilings that only escalate the problem further.

The funding has permitted a resolution to these issues, with an infra-red heating system and a new suspended ceiling being installed, as well as converting all lighting to LED and applying a new carpet and ceiling insulation.

It is anticipated that the inclusion of the new energy efficient resources will save upward of 11 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) over a five-year period, notwithstanding the 100% natural infra-red heating that doesn’t expose UV light.

All of the aforementioned is only likely to help the group’ in its quest to offer a multi-disciplinary health centre, embracing all forms of health, leisure and recreational activities, both practical and educational.

Since achieving charity status in 2016, the group’ has continued to evolve and now runs a range of dementia and mental health projects, working in partnership with a number of like-minded local and national agencies to promote healthy lifestyles. The current practitioners that use the facility are wide ranging, from Psychologist’s and Hypnotherapists, to, Counsellors and Physiotherapists, and more.

The Charity’ aren’t resting on their laurels either. Not content with the upgrades noted previously, Tonic 44 is the latest venture by the charity to create a new Community Hub’ in Surfleet.

tonic health premises refurbishment

They said:

Michael Morris, Chair of Trustees at Tonic Health said: ‘’The project will allow user groups to make greater use of a warmer, more inviting facility all year round, increasing its appeal. We expect users to grow to around 19,500 visitors per annum. Not only is it advantageous from a user’s perspective either, the running cost will also be drastically improved. We’re very grateful to Mick George Ltd for their contribution.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Clearly the charity has an abundance of benefits to residents seeking assistance from a wealth of backgrounds, and that is a good enough reason alone for us to offer a helping hand. We acknowledge that surplus funds for maintenance works such as these aren’t always easy to come by.’’