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The Yoga Hut

For the past two months, Mick George Ltd has been running its ‘Bag of Gold’ competition in Cambridgeshire, providing local sports clubs and community groups the chance to win £1,000.

Over 100 applications were proposed before a shortlist of the 20 most deserving cases were put forward to the voting stage. In excess of 1,200 votes were submitted ahead of the eventual winners being selected based on the most votes received.

It was certainly a closely contested battle, with less than 5% separating the top three positions. Congratulations to The Yoga Hut, Redmere for scooping the Cambridgeshire ‘Bag of Gold’ accolade. The group managed to edge out Over Community Association’ who were worthy runners-up, while third position was secured by Friends of Robert Arkenstall Primary School.

Entrepreneur Sally Talbot launched The Yoga Hut’ back in 2015, and clearly the enterprise is going from strength to strength, as the independent run amenity has achieved a remarkable feat in topping some major competition.

Following numerous year’s operating in communal locations, Sally qualified as a Sivananda Yoga teacher in the Bahamas back in 2004, and subsequently took the plunge in to freelance tutoring, specialising in her own unique Hatha Yoga style, among other meditation techniques.

In doing so, Sally recognised that the studios utilised to facilitate her classes, were somewhat dirty, and inadequate, which is where the concept of The Yoga Hut’ initiated, and a life-long dream became reality. All about experience, and helping the feeling of calmness, relaxation and peacefulness, the atmosphere and surroundings are critical attributes to practicing Yoga successfully.

Sessions at the Yoga Hut are small and personal, but are particularly sought after. Currently running two sessions weekly, as well as other private sittings, it is anticipated that the funds will help improve and extend the space that The Yoga Hut’ has to offer, subsequently adding to the number of people permitted to make use of the service available.

Some of the funds donated from the ‘Bag of Gold’ competition will free up Sally’s schedule to provide on-going fundraising support, and complementary classes for the staff and patients at the Arthur Rank Hospice, for whom Sally has an extremely strong relationship following the extensive care they provided to her mother.

Sally will be holding a Summer Fete at The Yoga Hut’ on Saturday 5th August, 1:30-4:30pm to raise further money for charity and towards the extension, which has in previous year’s been a huge success.

the yoga hut

They said:

Sally Talbot, owner of The Yoga Hut’ said: ‘’I’m absolutely thrilled to win the competition and am so grateful for everyone who supported us. This will be a huge help towards extending and improving the facilities. Yoga’ is something that I have close affiliation and a personal sentiment with, and to be able to provide this to others is particularly important to me.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd: ‘’It was fantastic to see the community embrace the Bag of Gold competition, the support that the various groups received was overwhelming. This is the second time that we have run the competition in Cambridgeshire and it’s clear to see by the vast number of entries just how important this support can be for the development of each nomination.’’

Stump Continued: ‘’We are very active within the Cambridgeshire area supporting activities, individuals, clubs and charities at all levels. The Mick George Bag of Gold competition provides a little more insight to what the community really care about and are involved in within their daily lives. The £1,000 prize fund will undoubtedly make a real difference, and should help build to a brighter future. We are proud of our community initiatives and look forward to any forthcoming engagement.’


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