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The Gifts Keep Coming in Mawsley Village


Christmas may have passed but the gifts still keep coming, and this one could offer many of the local residents in Mawsley a helping hand with any intentions they may have about getting in to shape for 2017.

Just 5 months after receiving the good news that local business Mick George Ltd had agreed to fund an exciting new development in the village, the project is complete and in full swing.

The recreation ground adjacent to Mawsley Community Centre has undergone renovation to install an outdoor gym, consisting of 6 unique apparatus to put various bodily functions to the test. Whether you’re looking to bulk or tone up, or simply a little ‘Cardio’ activity, the new facilities will certainly assist with any desire to develop a healthy lifestyle.

The £7,600 leisure amenity will be predominantly targeted to those aged 14 upwards, as a location for practical work-outs, however the design of the setting has been carefully considered to encourage social interaction simultaneously.

Councillor Paul Richards commented: “A large proportion of the local community already partake in regular exercise and have now started incorporating sessions on the new equipment as part of their schedules. Interestingly, it has also inspired those that are not so familiar with exercise routines to use as well. We are very grateful for the grant support we have received from the Mick George Community Fund which has made this possible.”

Given the rural isolation of the village, with limited public transport links and the nearest traditional Gym located over 5 miles away, this should be an ideal solution for youths who have out grown existing skate ramps, ball parks and junior play areas in the village.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Health awareness is a topic that has been particularly prevalent within the last decade and has led to a huge surge in traditional Gym settings. As with everything, this concept has evolved to outdoor facilities that are more accessible to wider communities, and with good reason.’’

Stump continued: ‘’Since initiating the Mick George Community Fund we’ve provided donations just shy of £2 million to various developments throughout our operating regions. Although we have supported projects within the near vicinity to Mawsley, this growing community is one we’ve never directly engaged, so hope the recent additions are well received for years to come.’’

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