Temperature Control:

The switch between Summer and Autumn means many things, but the one that we all feel is the sudden drop in temperatures.

Immediately we all reach for the thermostat to turn on the heating, but be aware there are so many alternative ways to achieve heated comfort in your home that aren't anywhere near as costly.

Why not add; solar panels, double glazing, a wood burner or under floor heating to achieve your desired temperature.

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Controlling the temperature in your home can bring about many benefits:

* Adjustable Heat
* Energy Efficient
* Health Benefits
* Financial Savings
* Modern Fittings
* Increased Property Value
* Comfortable Living

Times are moving, and no longer is the standard heating system the only way to boost the temperature throughout your property. Most significantly, it's certainly not the most energy efficient.

There are now so many better solutions, these include:

* Solar Panels
* Smart Home Systems
* Underfloor Heating
* Dynamic Radiators
* Wood Burners
* Insulation
* Double Glazing

Feeling comfortable in your home is an important part of enjoying much needed downtime, and to achieve that, the temperature of your property is essential.

Regardless of the method you choose to maintain your desired temperature, we have a skilled team of tradesmen to deliver your needs.

Mick's Mates are offering 10% off, and will provide all the assistance you need in planning, designing, supplying and installing.

Book a Free No Obligation Quotation with a property audit at a time that is convenient to you.

heating installation
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heating installation